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Building An Effective Modern SEO Campaign
If you're engaged in real marketing work in the modern world, you're almost certainly already
doing a lot of your marketing online. Search engine optimization (SEO) is an important part of
all online marketing, and you'll need to devote some attention to optimization in order to reach
the widest possible audience. Here are some strong concepts to bear in mind when you're
building your SEO campaign.
The Power Of Content Marketing
Today, effective SEO work is all about great content. This means concentrating less on dirty
tricks and more on providing useful and/or entertaining information. The online world is
growing more sophisticated every day, both in terms of the actual users and the algorithms
assigning rankings to pages for the search engines. A thoughtful, well-crafted piece of content
is going to be received better by both audiences.
The appeal of great content to actual visitors to your site is obvious, but you might be
wondering why it makes a difference to the search engines. It's all because of relevance.
Search engines now do a whole lot more than simply count the number of times a search
keyword appears on your page. They scan the page for other, related terms and assess its
links based on the rankings of the pages that connect to it. The bottom line is that if you make
a habit out of posting thoughtful, insightful content, your search engine rankings are going to
Engaging With Customers, Peers, And Your Own Company
Hopefully you already understand that your SEO campaign needs plenty of relevant content in
order to attract the right kind of attention from algorithms. What about attracting real people?
Here, the name of the game is "engagement." You need to foster a bond with your visitors,
that keeps them coming back again and again and persuades them to help spread the word
about your site. You need to interact with other respected figures in your industry in a visible
way that gets picked up by the search engines.
One of the most important factors in fostering this engagement is to make sure that your SEO
strategy doesn't live a cloistered life in your marketing department (or worse yet, in a
consultant's office). As you can imagine from the preceding paragraphs, you need to present
content that's pretty knowledgeable and devote some time to interact with customers and
peers online. In order to do that effectively, your SEO work should embrace your entire
company. Encourage everyone - especially your most well-informed experts - to contribute in a
respectful and meaningful way to the company's online activities.
Smart Keyword Strategies
Of course, the SEO industry hasn't gone entirely subjective. There are still plenty of math and
analytics involved in setting up an effective SEO campaign. One of the most important aspects
to keep in mind is smart keyword targeting. Only the most massive corporations have the
resources to chase lots of very generic keywords; with limited resources your best bet is to
focus hard on a few specific keywords and attempt to dominate them utterly.
Fortunately, the content- and engagement-oriented strategy described above meshes well with
the use of very specific long-tail keywords. Producing lots of strong content will give you
countless opportunities to incorporate long keywords - and related terms that score highly for
relevance - into multiple pages on your site. This can translate into surprisingly strong ranking
results and make the effort you invest in your campaign pay off.
Optimizing your website to get as much attention as possible from the search engines isn't an
easy task. SEO is a rapidly-evolving industry, and what worked six months ago may not be
nearly as effective today. If you stick to the basic strategies suggested here - great content,
strong engagement, and smart keyword selection - you'll be well-equipped to stay on top of
the search engine results pages no matter how the optimization game changes in the future.