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Schare & Associates supplies the food, beverage and wine industries with Fruit Juice
Concentrates, purees, essences, flavors and bases. We also have a full line of vegetable
extracts, frozen fruits, natural colors and other related products. We provide bulk fruit juice
conentrate, frozen fruits, fruit puree and frozen vegetables.
Our technical staff will do all the necessary lab work to manufacture the exact beverage or
base you are looking for. Feel free to call us for assistance on any beverage development
We would be delighted to supply your company with any quantity of our products from one
pail or drum to multiple truck-loads. You will find that our qualityservice and pricing are
second to none.
Schare & Associates, Inc was formed in 1997 by owner Keith Schare. Mr. Schare started in
the Fruit Concentrate business back in 1992
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Frozen Orange Juice Concentrate or FOJC began right away right after reliable refrigeration
systems have actually been designed.
In the mid 1940s, experts found a way to concentrate fruit juice inside a vacuum and freeze it
with out ruining the vitamin and mineral composition and quality.
Frozen orange juice concentrate offered the soldiers of WWII delightful and nutritious fruit
juice. It grew to become a favorite with the American public and very soon following, it spread
out worldwide. After WWII, the demand for frozen orange juice concentrates increased since
the bulk of Americans had stopped producing their juices.
Lately, the frozen orange juice company have noted a spectacular development internationally
due to the progress of technological advancement in packaging as effectively as the
uncomplicated facility to bulk transport.
Fruits are removed in big amounts when producing FOJC. To assist make the juice
concentrated, heating and vacuum is essential to take out the water.

Frozen Vegetables

Frozen vegetables may be commercially packaged or frozen at house. A wide selection of frozen vegetable are sold in grocery stores,
usually packaged in either rectangular boxes or plastic bags.
Prevalent icy vegetables discovered in supermarkets consist of green spinach, broccoli, cauliflower, peas, corn, yam (in Asia), numerous
various other individuals, and combinations of these and other vegetables or various other kinds of food such as pasta or cheese.
Frozen vegetables have some benefits even more than fresh ones, in that they are readily available when the fresh counterpart is out-of-
season, they have an incredibly long rack life when kept in a freezer, and that they normally have been processed a step or more closer to
eating. In a number of cases, they might be much more economical to purchase than their fresh equivalents. Due to the fact that they are
already prepared, and will likely be cooked more when they get in the house, they are believed to be more hygienic than fresh vegetables.
Although many think frozen vegetables to be inferior to their fresh counterparts, the opposite is true in lots of circumstances. Vegetables
purchased in the produce area of supermarkets have spent many days in transit, and many of the initial vitamins will certainly have leaked
out. Icy vegetables are frozen at their freshest, preserving their nutrients. Freezing does modify the taste and texture of the vegetables,
nevertheless, making them less tasty to some.
These fruit juice concentrates have to pass rigorous high quality control tests. All fruit juice concentrates are tested for pesticides,
herbicides and various other prospective contaminants.
Schare & Associates fruit juice concentrates are processed with the utmost care to protect freshness and preserve helpful vitamins. The
fruits are typically selected at the optimal time for peak taste and sugar content material. The fruits are washed, pressed in a filter system
prior to becoming pasteurized.
Schare & Associates fruit juice concentrates are normally rich in antioxidants. Generally, darker juices include greater levels of valuable
antioxidants. Studies have actually shown that juices like blueberry might possibly help prevent specific conditions such as cancers,
strokes, and heart ailment. Fruit juice concentrates like strawberry have some incredibly distinct antioxidants which could even reduce the
results of ageing and are exceptionally higher in Vitamin C and Folate.
Schare & Associates fruit juice concentrates can be diluted at around 1 part fruit juice concentrate to 3 elements water.
Several of our juice concentrates can be used as sweeteners or coloring agents for baking, yogurt, and for producing nutriceutical
refreshments. Schare & Associates fruit juice concentrates are great when mixed together. Red raspberry juice concentrate and cranberry
juice concentrate are fantastic when incorporated.