Bunn Coffee Maker - Bunn NHBB Velocity Brue 10-Cup Coffee Maker Review

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In this fast developing world there are many facilities available for us and we feel so comfortable
with the upcoming developments in the industry. For each and every aspects of our life there is a
special machine which makes our process very easy. We people are so lazy and we mainly prefer
the upcoming products. In this present world everything are so costly and only if both husband
and wife work we can survive our life easily.
Product description
Bunn coffee maker is considered to be one of the fast moving products in and around the world.
This coffee maker helps prepare coffee very quickly. This will be very helpful for us when there is
sudden guest in our home. In this coffee maker there are three interactive session in this product.
They are as follows
*Velocity brew interactive
*Phase brew interactive
*My cafe MUC interactive
Follow this step by step process to handle your coffee maker safely
*Place the brewer funnel in the brewer guide
*Fill carafe with cold water
*Open the lid of the brewer and fill the tank with cold water
*Place the carafe on base below the brewer funnel and wait for three to four minutes while the
internal tank partially fills
*Open the lid and remove the carafe and fill the cold water and fill the brewer and place the carafe
below the brewer funnel and close the lid
*Wait until the water flows from the brewer funnel if it starts flowing then the tank is full
*When the water flow is stopped it means that the carafe is full and pours the water out
*The internal tank will take two full carafe to fill the hot water tank that in present inside
*After these entire processes plug in the brewer.
Now your Bunn coffee maker is ready to make the coffee.
Product features
Bunn coffee maker offers us with many special features when compared to any other products.
Brew funnel- with the help of this funnel water meets the coffee ground and prepares the coffee.
Spin lid- which helps us to pour the water easily.
Stainless steel internal hot water tank- this helps us to maintain the water temperature whenever
we are in need.
Carafe- thermal style and are designed for the smooth pouring.
Spray water- spray's water evenly over coffee grounds to ensure ideal flavor extraction
Warmer switch- to turn of the warmer plate after preparation
Vacation switch- to turn off the internal hot water tank after use
Bunn quality & support- offer the best warranty trained customer service, with the professional.
Pros of Bunn coffee maker
*Design is nice and sleek we can clean is very easily
*Can prepare large amount of coffee quickly
*Quality of the coffee seems to be good
*Can serve coffee hot whenever we are in need

Cons of Bunn coffee maker
*Consumes large amount of power
*Takes time for warming up the machine

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