Business Speaker Is your speaker tailored to your business

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Business Speaker: Is your speaker tailored
to your business?
I know first-hand - the truth about a business speaker is that we talk to literally
hundreds of businesses and organizations about key subjects that are largely the same.
From team building to what makes a good facilitator, from anecdotes about the
workplace to leadership skil s, companies are often looking for the same information.
But your workplace isn't like all the others, and the best business speaker understands
Business Speaker: What's behind
your doors?
When I was younger, the first house that I
bought myself was small. Put it this way - even
the mice felt cramped! It was a simple two-up,
two-down, wedged in a seemingly infinite
terrace of identical little houses. I remember
when we tried to move our sofa in and
struggled getting it past the doorway. The
worst part is that we later realised it didn't even fit in the room!
Over the first year that I lived in the house, I got to know our lovely neighbours, Robert
and Janet. They had lived in the lane for more than 50 years and were always there for
help and advice over the garden fence. It took me almost eight months before I went
into their home - and I was shocked to find that it was spacious! How could their house
be bigger than mine? After all, from the outside, it was identical. But they had
developed their own way of doing things, their own methods of organising each room.
Behind the doors, it was a completely different property.
From the outside, peering over the garden fence, your organisation is probably a lot like
all the others. Your goals are largely the same - but the methods that you take to
achieve them are innately individual. Your business speaker should always take steps to
consider this.

Business Speaker: Peeping Tom
In the years that I have been working as a speaker - and living in a house with more
rooms! - I have peered into the homes of hundreds of different businesses. When
somebody moves from firm to firm, he or she doesn't see the traits that you have in
common with others - the focus is always on the things that you do that are different,
unique, exciting and inspiring. By taking care to look at your individual business culture
and tailor a speech accordingly, a business speaker can help you to spot your
weaknesses and build on your strengths.