Buy Locally for Healthier Fruits and Vegetables

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Buy Locally for Healthier Fruits and
When you shop for produce at your local grocer's, you are often buying vegetables that have travel ed
hundreds of kilometres to get to your store's shelves and have been picked a week or more in advance.
They've often been picked before being ripened and are stil trying to ripen as they sit in the produce
Buying produce from local farms or at local produce markets often means getting produce that has not
only ripened on the vine, but they were probably picked the day before, or even in the morning before
they were taken to the produce stand. Produce al owed to ripen on the vine is more nutritious for you
than produce left on a grocery store shelf. In fact, by the time fruits and vegetables arrive at the
grocer's and get to your table, they may have lost 10 to 50% of their nutrients.
Another benefit to buying local y produced foods at the farmer's market is that there is no pre-packaged
produce. You can buy as little or as much as you need from the farmer that produced it. If you are
single, you just have to buy enough for yourself or you can buy more if you need it for a get together
with family or friends.
Environmental y, there are several advantages to buying your produce at a local farmer's market as wel .
Without packaging, you are not contributing plastic waste to landfil s like those who buy their produce
in a supermarket. Your food doesn't have to travel for miles, reducing pollutants that go into the air
from truck exhaust.
You can also find out from the farmer themselves whether the food was grown organical y. Most
smal er farmers tend to grow their produce organical y, both to protect the environment, and their own
soil, and to accommodate the growing demand for organic foods.
Many food producers, such as Byron Gourmet Pies also buy their produce local y for many of these
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