Buying Quality Acai Berry Products

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Buying Quality Acai Berry Products

Acai berries have been proven to be among the healthiest foods on the planet. This tiny, little, purple
berry is loaded with healthy antioxidants, essential fatty acids, a plethora of vitamins and minerals
and surprisingly enough, even 19 amino acids. It is no wonder that this amazing little berry has
become so popular.

Because of this popularity, many different acai berry products have come into the marketplace
ranging from juices, to powders, to supplements. There are so many products available that you need
to be aware of what to look for to avoid getting taken in by glossy advertisements and ending up
purchasing inferior and shoddy products. There are some excellent and extremely high quality acai
products out there that can offer you all of the potential benefits of this amazing little fruit but there are
also many inferior and low-grade products.

The acai only grows in the Brazilian rainforest. Not only that but these berries are extremely
perishable. At this time it is not possible to ship the fresh fruit anywhere else in the world. If you want
to eat this amazing fruit while it is still fresh from the tree in its totally natural state you must travel to
Brazil. However, you can still partake of the benefits of this healthy fruit because of recent advances
in processing methods.

Because the acai is so extremely perishable it must be processed within 24 hours after it has been
removed from the trees. If this does not take place the natural degradation sets in and the nutritional
value is quickly depleted. This is why you will never see a "fresh" acai berry unless you are in Brazil.
Products are made from the freeze dried berries and the processed powder that is extracted from the
fresh berries.

There are a few ways to process these berries but the only sure way to preserve the natural nutrients
and goodness is a method that includes what is called freeze-drying. Freeze drying does not involve
using heat or chemicals, both of which can destroy the natural occurring nutrients. Before you
purchase a product make sure that it was processed with a freeze-drying method as opposed to any
other way that uses heat or chemicals.

Another factor to consider is the amount of actual berry extract in the product. Read the nutritional
label. Nutritional labels give the ingredients in a product based upon amounts. Whatever is listed first
on the label is the main ingredient. That may not necessarily be a problem if the main ingredient is
some other healthy ingredient but it still is good to know. If you want the highest amount of the natural
nutrients found in the acai then it has to be the first ingredient listed on the label.

Acai berry products range from delicious juices, to capsules and supplements, to dried powder forms.
Each of these forms can be healthy and nutritious and it is up to you to decide your preference.
These fruits have been found to support good health for everything from weight loss to serious
diseases, such as diabetes, heart disease and cancer.

Acai berry products can be a healthful addition to your healthy diet plans. It is an excellent source of
important antioxidants and other nutrients and it can only benefit you and your health.

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