Can at Home Weight Workouts Replace Fitness center Machine Workouts

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Can at Home Dumbbell Workouts Replace Gym Machine Workouts

At home dumbbell workouts are better for reaching your fitness, fat loss and physique building
goals than gym machines. It is hard to believe that these hand held weight training tools can
replace a room full of expensive equipment. But it is true, which is welcome news to some

In tough economic times, the gym membership is one of the first things to go. Many gym members
calculate the cost of each gym visit and realize it is just not worth it and that the money can be
best used elsewhere. But what are they to do? Should they give up their dreams of a fit, lean,
athletically muscular body along with their gym card?

Absolutely not! As a matter of fact, ex gym goers should look at this as an opportunity, not a
drawback. Now they are free to take responsibility for their fitness, fat loss and physique and
explore highly effective training methods they may have previously overlooked... like at home
dumbbell workouts.

Exercise Is About Movement

Walk in to any commercial gym and... listen. Just listen to other exercisers to see what they are
saying. Inevitably, you will overhear talk of what MUSCLES a certain exercise works. You'll hear a
trainer explain to a new client that this gym machine "works the glutes" or "hits the lats". And you'll
hear enthusiastic gym rats talk about "pumping up their pecs" or "blasting their bi's". It is clear...

they are concerned with specific muscles the exercise works.

But focusing on muscles is the wrong focus. Exercise is about movement, not muscles. You
performance improves because of your ability to better MOVE either your own bodyweight around,
or a weighted object. And ironically, training to move better strengthens the muscles needed for
the movement and makes them grow... resulting in the athletic, lean, muscular body most
exercises strive for.

cheap dumbbells are better for training weighted movement than gym machines. Therefore, they
are better for creating the physical changes that lead to higher performance and a more attractive
appearance. Let's look at gym machines first...

Gym Machines Restrict Your Movement

Strapping yourself into a machine and working against resistance in a predetermined movement
pattern is a lousy way to train. Even if you can get the machine set right for your body type and
size, the movement is completely foreign to any movement you'd find in the real world. This makes
if less effective!

Oh, but I forgot. You are training muscles, not movements, right? If that is your only concern, sit
down, put on a seat belt and push and pull in these foreign ways. But if you want to improve the
way you perform (and look) OUTSIDE the gym, you need to train movements. And that's where
cheap dumbbells come in.

cheap dumbbells Train Your Body Like It Moves

cheap dumbbells are an extremely versatile training tool. You can use them together, one limb at a
time or in an alternating fashion. This means they closely mimic movements you'll find in real
world activities, sports and work. This means more physical improvements you can see, feel and

Now, just don't think that by switching to cheap dumbbells for sale you are free from the "muscle
vs movement" problem. Most dumbbell workout are designed by bodybuilders who are ONLY
concerned with muscles. And they use the versatility of the cheap dumbbells for sale to "isolate"
specific muscle groups. This is not the way to get the most from your dumbbell training!

A well constructed dumbbell routine uses a wide range of exercises to train every movement
imaginable. And it does it in a way that most closely relates to movements you'll find in the real
world. Using a full body workout that uses cheap dumbbells in unison, one at a time and
alternating is one of the best ways to improve fitness, burn fat and build an athletic body. If those
are the reasons you use gym machines, it's time to quit the gym and get yourself some cheap

dumbbells for sale. If you are considering quiting the gym to save some money, this could be a
blessing in disguise. Take this opportunity to break out of the "training muscles" mindset, and start
using cheap dumbbells to train movements. I think you'll be happy with the performance, health
and appearance RESULTS you get. At home dumbbell workouts will become your new best

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