Can Six Pack Training Take A Vacation?

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Can Six Pack Training Take
A Vacation?

Mr. Health

After taking a beating from chronic fatigue syndrome(natural relief is
GREATLY appreciated in the comments section!), I started getting
heavy into six pack training again. That's when it was dropped on my
lap (literally, a pamphlet for Maine) that it was almost time for a
vacation. At first, the tight wad in me said "another one? Didn't we take
one last year?!". Almost instananeously the paranoid side in me piped in
with "I just started my six pack training again!". I started digging up
excuses before I realized we would be doing something I need, leaving
civilization and relaxing in pure tranquility. It also dawned on me that I
always have a lot to say however haven't posted as much as normal.
Time to do it again! I feel like negating your ( potential) excuse for
missing workouts due to traveling, be it for your job or leisure and how
you can ensure that your six pack training DOES take a vacation - and
travels with you!

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First let's kill the theory you HAVE to constantly work your six pack
abs daily for optimal results. Your muscles need a (SMALL) break here
and there. A week off could be pushing it, but a few days will not be a
problem. Have you heard the saying absence makes the heart grow
fonder or any variation of that? A few days off could make your abs
work harder (in the next exercise session). How's that for a flip?
Granted it'll be tough to safely do something along the lines of back
extensions where you should use a Roman Chair. Is it impossible to do
them? Absolutely not, however the risk for injury jumps up greatly (I
won't throw out an impossible to figure out percentage, but the risk is
greater regardless).
Seeing there's an exercise we shouldn't do, what can we do? How about
just about any other ab exercise? Scissor kicks will beat up on your abs
and so will reverse crunches as well as bicycle crunches.
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I am a huge plank fan and devised a sneaky way to get more "oomph"
into traditional planks that can work nicely. You will need a rope and a
weight plate or something heavy, maybe even a shoe string tied to a belt
loop! Actually, if you use a shoestring and a belt loop you can add more
to this six pack training workout! Here's how to do it:
Start by tying the shoestrings to your belt loop and attach them to your
weighted object. Next you'll want to assume a plank position laying on
the ground. As you rise into the plank position the weight will want to
pull you to the ground, but you won't let that happen (at least until you
are finished with that rep). Go 5 of those. What do you think about that
six pack training exercise, let me know in the comment box on this
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