Can stress be cured?

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Can stress be cured?
Stress and tension can't be eliminated,
but you can learn to cope with them
better. Prompt, correct treatment can
help a troubled person learn how to
manage stress and limit the problems it
Stress is a fact of life.
Be optimistic! Everyone has ups and
How to Handle
downs. A hopeful attitude goes a long
way towards helping you through the
rough spots. Often the pressure of
stress challenges us to examine our-
selves and our lives resulting in per-
sonal growth.
Remember to:
Too much stress can seriously
affect your physical and mental
Explore stress. The first step in
managing stress is to recognize that it
exists and examine its causes.

Help yourself. Talk it over, keep
things in perspective, be patient and
don't panic. You can't change things
Know where to go for help.
Prompt professional advice can help
you cope with and adapt to the stress
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in your life.

Stress is the reaction of your body and
f stress becomes prolonged or particularly
*Accept your limits
frustrating to an individual, that person
mind to a problem in your life that seems
will experience distress or "bad stress."
If a problem is beyond your
control and can't be changed at the
Important health problems have been
What causes stress?
moment, don't fight the situation. Learn
linked with this state of distress such as
to accept things...until you can change
ulcers, hypertension, heart disease,
Some people find that stress comes from
arthritis, cancer, circulatory problems,
many different small things, not just one
headaches and backaches.
*Take good care of yourself
major problem or a personal loss. One of
the main causes of stress is change.
How can I cope with
If you are tense and upset from
Frequent or drastic change often results
lack of sleep, or if you are not eating
in harmful tension. Excess tension can
correctly, you will have less ability to
result in anxiety and depression.
handle stressful situations. Make sure
If you are experiencing stress you need to
you are getting enough rest and proper
Most stress is caused by
know how to deal with it. You can do a
three factors:
lot to keep tensions within reasonable
limits before they lead to trouble. You
*Make time for fun
may be able to reduce or get rid of some
Environmental: crime, demands of
family, demands of work, time pressures,
of the causes of stress in your life.
Play is just as important to your
money problems, unemployment
well-being as work. Take a break from
Here are some ways of handling stress:
your daily routine to talk with a friend or
Physical: illness, accidents, medications,
do something you enjoy.
lack of sleep
*Try physical activity
Psychological: frustration, inner conflict,
*Be a participant
Running, walking, playing or
inter-personal conflict, pressures to
working outside will relieve that "up
achieve a goal, personal loss
Help yourself by helping other
tight" feeling. Remember, your body and
people. Get involved in the world and
mind work together.
the people around you and you will be
on your way to making new friends and
How does stress affect
*Share your stress
enjoying new activities.
It helps to talk to a friend, family
*Get back on schedule
member, counselor or your doctor about
Your body normally responds to stress by
your concerns and worries. If you feel
Go to sleep the same time every
speeding up the heart rate and breathing,
your problem is serious you might want
night and spend a half hour relaxing
tensing muscles (headaches), upsetting
to seek professional help from a psycholo-
before bed. Plan nutritional meals at a
digestion (butterflies in the stomach) and
gist, psychiatrist or social worker.
regular time. Schedule a half-hour walk
increasing perspiration (sweaty palms).
at a certain time each day. Doing things
on your own schedule reduces stress.