Can you actually win an ex back by looking hot?

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Can you actually win an ex back by looking hot?


People always tell you to start looking hot
around your ex. Let's say your ex runs into you
after a while and you're looking really hot.

How would that make them feel and do you
think it would make them think about getting
back together?

In short yes. There's something to be said for looking your best and this is especially
true when it comes to getting back with an ex, however it's not the end all be all to the
There are many different things you can do to get back together with your ex, but
they depend on your situation.
Did you break up recently or has it been a few months?
If you've been broken up for just a few weeks, there's a chance that looking good won't
have the same impact as it would if you've been apart for a while.
This is because your good looks will still be fresh in your ex's mind where as if you've
spent some significant time apart, looking good will jolt their memory and have them
thinking about the good times you had together.
Who should make first contact?
In theory you want your ex to contact you and looking good will go a long ways to
making this happen. If you were friends on Facebook but got de-friended after the
breakup, keep an eye out to see if they add you as a friend again after seeing you in
Don't get your hopes up that your ex will call you right away. With today's modern
advances and preferred methods of communication chances are they'll text you instead.
So keep your texts short and sweet and don't get into much detail.
Doing this will help you appear busy and mysterious and leave your ex wanting more.
Furthermore on this, drop a note in the last line of your text to have your ex call you and
chat. By doing this you shift the balance in the relationship and give your ex something
to look forward to.

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Can you actually win an ex back by looking hot?

Radiate Confidence
Lastly you should radiate confidence whenever you deal with your ex. This is something
that you'll need to work on during your time apart, but nothing is more attractive than
self confidence and it will shine through to your ex, even when you're talking on the
It's no lie that looking good plays in important role if you want to win your ex back, but
in order to maximize your looks you need to have the confidence that goes along with it.
We've been taught to think that the things we want in life take hard work and effort, and
to an extent that's true.
But if you take nothing else away from this page let it be this - Just because something
is simple, doesn't mean it's not effective. Many people reading this will discount the
ideas here because they are so simple, but in most cases they work beautifully.
The Last Word
What I've given you in this article is some very basic advice that you can implement in
your daily life if you want to get back together with an ex after a breakup. So now I want
you to do 2 things.
The first thing I want you to do is to download this article and keep it somewhere where
you can reference it during your time apart and when you think that things in your life
aren't going as you would hope when it comes to getting back together.
The other thing I want you to do is to watch a short relationship video that builds on
these basic principles on how to get your ex back.
Watch the Video

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