Can You Trust A Large Carpet Cleaning Company

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You may have likely run into problems if you have ever had your carpets cleaned in the past. This
is because you aren't informed enough to make sure you make the best decision. Perhaps you
even attempted to professionally clean them yourselves. Instead, pay close attention to the
following helpful advice to get you started.
Do not believe everything that you read about carpet cleaning. You are not getting what you
expect in most cases, though many companies offer great deals in their ads. Be sure to ask hard
questions before you have them come to service you. Chances are those prices are just to use
Don't assume that because your carpet looks clean now that it doesn't need cleaning. Modern
carpets are designed to be stain-resistant but might still be accumulating dust and dirt causing rot
below. Many carpets can hold as much as one pound of dirt per each square foot of floor space!
Do not use a lot of heat while cleaning your carpets. If the material it is made of is delicate, or it is
colored, this can damage the carpet, particularly. Before it becomes permanent, this is even more
critical when you're trying to get rid of a stain.
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Sprinkle some flour on it and place a piece of paper over the flour if you have a grease stain on
your rug. This process will pull the grease out of the carpet and onto the paper within 30 minutes.
Act immediately when this happens, as you do not want the grease to set in.
If a carpet cleaning company quotes you a price simply based on the number of rooms in your
house, be aware that they might not be completely on the up and up. Houses vary greatly in size.
Your living room could be substantially smaller (or bigger) than someone else's room. Therefore,
most reputable companies will give you a price based on your square footage.
You are going to need more frequent carpet cleanings if you have a pet. Keep your pets out of
areas with high-maintenance carpets. Be sure to vacuum on a bi-weekly basis and keep spot
removal products and other carpet cleaning agents on hand.
It can be expensive to replace the carpeting in your home. You might want to try having it
professionally cleaned first if the carpet is beginning to look like it has seen better days.
Professional carpet cleaning companies specialize in deep cleaning your carpet, to help give it
that new appearance again.
It will also cause them to sink deeper into the carpet, though pouring water over stains will make
them appear lighter. The best thing to do is to blot the stain and scrub it with some water and
vinegar or with a cleaning product. You should pour water on your carpet only to rinse out the
cleaning products.
Get personal referrals for carpet cleaners from acquaintances, friends and relatives. Anyone with
carpets in their home has likely needed them cleaned at some point. Odds are good you know
someone in your social circle that has been through this recently. They can tell you about their
experiences and who they would recommend. Avoid using a carpet cleaner for whom you cannot
get a positive referral.
Cheapest is not always best. There is a good chance you will be unhappy with the results. That
company could either do poor quality work or they could end up tacking on additional fees that
you will not know about until they are done. The price should only be considered secondarily over
the work they will do.
Carefully hide any valuables prior to having a carpet cleaning company in your home. Sure, most
companies thoroughly screen their employees before hiring them, but you never know who may
slip through the cracks. If you have one, you could put these items in your car's trunk or in a safe.
Many stains such as blood, coffee or fruit juice can be removed effectively by combining one
teaspoon each of dish detergent and white vinegar to a quart of warm water. Apply the mixture to
the stain and allow to dry thoroughly before vacuuming. An application of dry cleaning fluid may
be needed to remove some stains.
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If any company you wish to hire is both certified and licensed to clean carpets, it is important to
find out. Just because they own the equipment doesn't mean they know how to use it properly!
Only hire firms which have the right accreditation to ensure you're safe from future problems.
Consider joining a website like Angie's List that gives reviews of companies like this if you are
going to hire a company to clean the carpets in your home. This website does not take any money
from any companies to boost reviews. They also do not endorse any independent contractors so
the reviews on the website are unbiased.
Is the carpet cleaning company bonded and insured? This is the first question you should ask
before even requesting a quote. You do not want to have an uninsured or bonded company in
your home. It would be hard for you to hold them accountable for any damage done without
Always remove furniture from a room that is to be cleaned professionally. Much of the staining
tends to surround the edges of furniture, and if the furniture is still present, it is difficult to fully
clean the carpets. It is best to remove all furniture to an area that will not be cleaned, though it
can be hard.
If possible, find a professional carpet cleaner who will give you your money back if you are not
satisfied with the results. This is usually a good way to recognize a professional cleaner who is
confident in their ability and equipment to do a good job. Besides, you will be able to get your
money back and hire someone else if you are not satisfied with the results.
One of the most fun questions to ask a company is, "Why should I hire your company and not
XYZ? " You can often hear them squirming in their chair. A good company will have a great
answer ready for you, as they already know what makes their company better than the rest.
If there are flaws in your carpet, you more than likely need the assistance of a company who
cleans carpets, in conclusion. You probably did not know what to look for when choosing this kind
of company. Now that you read the above piece, you are knowledgeable about what makes a
carpet cleaning company a good one.