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Candle Making Made Easy
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Initializing the Art of Candle Making
Candle Making Basics
Candle Making Supplies
Candle Making Additives
Operating a Successful Candle Making Business
Making Votive Candles
Making Unity Candles
Making Taper Candles
Making Hand Dipped Candles
Making Container Candles
Making Column Candles
Making Chunk Candles
Make Pillar Candles
How to Make Gel Candles
Canning Jar Candles
Books on Candle Making

Initializing the Art of Candle Making

1. One must have ample time to give to this great art. Those who are creative and patient
can make good candle makers.

2. In order to avoid frustration start with creating simple candles.

3. Take time and experiment as to what suits the best wit your set up.

4. Work on the necessary changes patiently.

5. Start with the implementation of good safety habits. Melt at the proper temperatures.

6. Try and experiment with the cooling process.

7. With time and practice, these processes would become more natural for you.

8. Further experiment with the scents, dyes, and shapes for the candles.

9. Learn from our mistakes and individual experiences. This smoothens the process of
learning candle making.

10. Do not skip to multi-tasking, else you would feel candle making more of a burden.

11. Following all the above, ensures that your candles are made well and also burn properly.
Candle Making Basics

Candles in the current scenario are used for several purposes like decoration & gifts. They are
always an indispensable part of the festivities and usual home decor. But this doesn't imply that
using candles is something new for the human civilization. Candles date back to the age of

There is a belief that the French cavemen used candles while etching and painting the walls.
Some remains of candles made out of animal fats are found in the French cave areas. Further,
evidences of candles in the old ages are said to be found in Egypt. Historians believe that the

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Egyptians made candles by dripping bees' wax on leave stems.

The sense of creating something - something colorful, beautiful, attractive and soothing - it is
indeed a great feeling. The artists such as potters, writers and designers love their each piece
as their children. They put all their love, emotions and thoughts in their creations. One such
cherished and beloved activity now-a-days is - Candle Making. Many people have a hobby of
making candles in their free time or the vacations. Very often it is seen that those who know
candle making shift to it to vent out their overwhelming emotions such as stress & anger.

Along with light, candles are also a great source of aroma and fragrances these days. Vanilla,
jasmine, chocolate cake, cinnamon rolls........ the fragrances are endless. Similarly there is a
never ending list of the shapes, sizes, deigns, shades and looks of the candles.

This activity is a great pastime for special moments as well, for instance parents making candles
together with their children, or gifting the same to your family & friends on special occasions.

At times people just gather the basic information and start practicing the art with full courage.

But this way we often miss out the necessary safety prospects and other interesting parts of this
great art.

Here a few basic facts pertaining to the art of candle making:

1. The process of a candle burning involves all 4 elements of matter that are liquids, solids,
plasma and gas.
2. To make the body of the candle usually paraffin wax is used. It is a natural wax that is
extracted from the plants.

3. Bees' wax is also a great alternate to make the candles' body. This is a natural wax
extracted from honeybees. The bees use this substance in constructing their

4. Paraffin wax is available at petroleum refineries and the specialty wax processors.

5. To make the candles, before the wax getting dried, wick is placed in the center. Wick is
usually made out of cotton fibers braided together. It is quite thin, yet very strong. In
order to have a larger flame, some candle makers use a wider wick that is wider than the
normal one.

6. One must be extremely aware and cautious of the safety prospects while making
candles. Hot wax has quite high temperature that may cause severe burns.

7. Candle making also involves great risk of fire. Re-assure that the candle making area
must be equipped with a fire extinguisher and should be well planned.

8. Make sure to clean up the spills quickly. They become very slick and walking over them
can make you fall.

9. Candle making materials aren't very expensive as well.
Candle Making Supplies

Candle making besides being a growing industry, is quite a fun hobby for all ages. The
materials required for candle making primarily depend on the size of the candle you are making
and other related factors are shapes, shades, etc.

The basic requisites for any candle are:

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i. Wax
ii. Wick
iii. Candle holder

To make the body of the candle the usual choices are paraffin wax and beeswax.

The other equipments that would add ease and fun to the art of candle making are as follows:

1. Double Boiler

It would melt wax for the candles properly.

2. Stir Sticks and Thermometer

In order to melt the wax rather easily purchase a thermometer and stir sticks.

3. Wick Clips

Adding wick clips at the candle's base ensures that the users make use of it until the last bit.

4. Candle molds

These are quite popularly used for designing the candles. Candle molds are available in varied
styles. These are usually made out of aluminum and other metals.

5. Wick Holder Bar
A wick holder bar makes inserting the wick quicker and easier.

6. Silicon Mold Release Spray

This ensures that your candle slides out from the mold easily, maintaining the perfect shape.

6. Mold Cleaner

A mold cleaner would help you ensure the maintenance of the mold.

7. Dyes

Colors make the candles more attractive. Along with the primary colors, there are wide range of
pastels & bold brights to choose from. Many times candle makers prefer mixing colors on order
to create some unique & attractive shades. The colors for candles are available in dye forms.

8. Scents and Aromas

While even plain candles sell big, adding some scents and aromas make the candle livelier.
Cinnamon, potpourri and vanilla are some of the traditional choices. Yet, there is a wide variety
available in the market to choose from. These aromas also help you relax. Some fragrances
also water your mouth.

In order to make the candle scents strong enough, watch the amount of scents you are adding.
For 1 pound of wax, add 1 ounce of scent.

9. Candle Paints

With these create designs on your candles. Enhancing the overall look of the candle, these
paints help you develop wonderful contrasts.

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10. Luster Spray
This adds a shiny look to the candle.

11. Base Leveler

Aligning the crooked candles, it ensures that the bottom of the candle is flat and smooth. A
candle with wavy bottom would not settle well in the holder.

12. Books on Candle Making

The online stores and other resources are available to pick out quite informative and detailed
books on candle making.

Purchasing the above listed equipments for candle making would help you design your candles
better and work faster. While the quantities and amount of the material required varied for each
individual, on an average, one can get all the required supplies for $100. These can be
purchased from the near by craft stores or the online resources. In order to save money on
these purchases, consider picking a candle making kit. It contains small supplies of all the
requisites at a discounted price.
Candle Making Additives

Candle making additives are added to wax in order to add varied features to the candle. They
also enhance the look of your creations. Depending upon the type of candle you are making
and the climate of the region, one has around 8 different choices to pick from.

While some candle makers do not support the usage of the additives, some make the most of
its advantages in varied forms and functions. These additives are quite inexpensive and work
well if used in the right manner.

Beware that these additives must be used in an appropriate amount as even a bit more amount
can damage the wax or the burning quality of the candle as well. There are several books
available to gain more knowledge on the same.

The varied types of additives are as follows:

1. Kemamide

A fine powder. Used as a release agent.

Kemamide has a hint of ivory in the color. It is close to transparency. It must be stored in a
closed & dry environment as exposure to humidity can lead to clumping. It is often used as a
release agent.

The advised quantity is one teaspoon for each pound of wax.

2. Poly-AC

A fine powder. Used as a hardener.

Poly-AC is white in color. It is quite dry in texture. It needs to be stored in dry environment in
order to prevent clumping. It is used as a hardener.

The effective quantity is one teaspoon for each pound of wax.

3. Chimasorb 81

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A powder. Used to enhance color.

Chimasorb 81 has a yellowish tint. This additive must be stored well as it is most likely to get
clumped. Even in low humidity areas it can get clumped. Chimasorb 81 enhances color. In
terms of quantity it is used the least.

Only 1/10 of a percent for each pound of wax is enough.

4. Stearic Powder

Flaky. Used for hardening. Reduces the melting temperature of the wax.

This white colored additive doesn't react to humidity. It is mainly used for hardening and to
reduce the melting temperature of wax. Its quantity used depends on the kind of candles one is
making. Stearic Powder causes damage to wax in case it is used in inappropriate quantity, so
beware while using it.

It is advisable to use three teaspoons for every pound of wax.

5. 103 Vybar

Usually available in the form of tiny beads. Adds a creamy texture to wax. Also used as a

Beads do not have the problem of clumping as they flow loosely & hence don't stick together,
even in the high humidity areas. It is an effective hardener. It has very creamy texture that
adds the same quality to the candle. It is a good hardener for the scented candles.

The advised amount to be used is one teaspoon for each pound wax.

6. Paraflint

Available in bead form. Used as a hardener.

It is sold in the form similar to 103 Vybar that is beads. Yet, these beads are quite larger.
You can use one teaspoon for each pound of wax.
7. Poly 400

Available in beaded form, the shapes & sizes vary. Saves the candle from fading in sunlight.
Poly 400 is a UV inhibitor that keeps the candle from fading in sunlight.

It is used at the rate of one teaspoon for each pound of wax.

8. BHT Crystal

A Powder. Adds luster to wax.

BHT Crystal, a yellowish powder, is an antioxidant that is stored in liquid form for a long time.

BHT crystal adds a beautiful luster to the candle wax.
Operating a Successful Candle Making Business

Candles in the current scenario are used for several purposes like decoration & gifts. They are
always an indispensable part of the festivities and usual home decor. Candles add elegance to
our homes, act as a gracious centre piece for the dinner tables, add vibrancy at the wedding
receptions, and appeal one & all with varied colors and scents. These are hence an excellent

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craft to sell.

Those who love this art might choose to turn it in to a profit making venture. This might sound
like an adventure, but like all other businesses, this field also has its dynamics and modes to
conducts well. Prior to embarking in this flourishing industry, besides knowing the art of making
quality candles, you require to know the other business details as well. For instance, offering
customer service, ordering supplies, determining the price of your candles, etc.

It is anyways always advisable to invest some quality time and understand the business you are
entering in to, before just jumping in. This would also make your job far more fun and
professionally rather viable.

Marketing your products requires a lot of promotion and skills. There might be a big market out
there for candles, but how would one purchase your candles if they do not know about them.

Here are some marketing tips to sell your candles well:

1. Establish a plan, that is exactly where do you want to sell the candles. This way you
could work out focused plans to gain attention of the consumers.

2. You can make the sales from any location - your home, a rented space at the craft
shows, etc.

3. The best publicity for any business in the word of mouth. Try and spread the news of
establishing the business as far as possible.

4. Never loose on your quality for even once, else this would lead to a negative word of
mouth that would at last lead to loss of business.
5. Advertising on the internet is quite a significant platform. While it might seem expensive,
with the over all services it caters it is actually worth the price.

6. Create an interesting blog talking about your products.

7. You can also try purchasing services of a web hosting company. These services include
great tools for business like - launching a web page, directing the traffic on your site,
provide shopping carts, and at times avail credit card processing. Most oft the web
hosting companies charge you with a mere cost of $20 per month. Now, does this
sound a bad deal!

8. Place your products on the online auction sites like EBay and Yahoo. These can
generate enormous sales as they have a real global reach.

9. Selling good quality products through this platform, would surely fetch you many new
buyers. So, here, never loose on your quality and services.

10. While advertising be specific as to what type of candles you would sell. Present
attractive pictures of your candles. Giving a specified image of what the buyers can
expect form the deal always gets you more customers.

11. Shift on to making bulk purchases of the raw materials and other supplies only hen your
business is fetching you good profits. Purchasing in bulk quantities can get you good
discounts indeed.

12. Price you candles at attractive prices so that the buyers are more willing to purchase.
While calculating the sale price count well on the labor & time invested, the creativity
involved and the taxes.

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13. Offer various interesting schemes and services to attract your buyers. For instance:

i. Free shipping - On the online auction sites, buyers would rather get attracted
towards free shipping rather than low shipping prices.
ii. Free Gifts - You might offer one free candle against the purchase of 3 or 4

iii. Personalized Cards - In case your buyer is purchasing the candle to gift it,
help them by packaging it well along with a personalized card.

14. Various known candle making companies are these days offering personalized services.
This implies that the customers ask for some particular type of candle made to order in a
specific color. This service is charged over heavily, but the customers are all willing to
pay for the same.

15. In case you prefer to give the above mentioned service, make sure that there is no
communication gap between you and the buyer. Generally also, keep yourself available
to the consumer's queries. This would boost up your business further.

16. There is no business where you do not face problems. Never the less, if you stick to
quality services and products, the consumers would keep coming back to you.

17. Remember to follow up the feedback of your buyers, so as to grow your business

18. In case of any issues, work on the resolutions that are viable for you as well as the

19. Try having a return policy on your website.

20. Have a specialized mailbox to receive the suggestions and ideas of your buyers.
Making Votive Candles

Candles in the current scenario are used for several purposes like decoration & gifts. They are
always an indispensable part of the festivities and usual home decor. Candle making is a great
pastime for special moments as well, for instance parents making candles together with their
children, or gifting the same to your family & friends on special occasions. These are also an
excellent craft to sell.

Votive candles add elegance to our homes, act as a gracious centre piece for the dinner tables,
add vibrancy at the wedding receptions, and appeal one & all with varied colors and scents.

The supplies for making your own votive candles can easily be found at the online stores or the
nearby craft stores. For interesting ideas and inspirations, just log on the internet or look out in
the nearby library or book store to search for books that are filled in with pictures and ideas to
make interesting votive candles for all occasions. On the online sources many a time you might
also come across the gorgeous pictures of votive candles along with the step by step instruction
manual to make them yourself. To make the supplies even more economical, especially the
votive holders, you can also approach the thrift shops or yard sales.

The individual characteristics of votive candles are as follows:

1. Each piece of votive candle often entails more than 1 votive candle.

2. These are quite cost effective as the votives burn for around fifteen hours. These must
be used with a holder else the votive candles are not considered safe while free

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standing. The votive holder must be an inch or 2 taller than the votive candle itself.

3. People prefer using votive candles during Halloween for their jack-o-lanterns. The
reason is simple - the light for long and illuminate the entire face of their jack-o-lanterns.

4. For the beginners, making these candles is a good choice as it helps you brush on the
entire basics well.

5. Needless to mention, it is quite easy to make the votive candles.

The materials required to make the votive candles are as follows:

1. Wax - Paraffin or bees' wax.

2. Molds - prefer on the metal ones, especially aluminum.
3. A double boiler to heat the wax.

4. A thermometer to keep a check of the temperature of wax during the entire process.

5. Wick - This must be of a very good quality else it would affect the burning quality of the

6. Wick tabs - These are metal tabs that help you keep the wick in place while making the
candle. These serve as the base for your candles.

7. Dyes to color the candles.

8. Scents and aromas to add fragrance to the candle if you so desire.

9. Mold Spray - It keeps the mold clean and lubricated thereby ensuring smooth
replacement of the candle from the mold.

Here is the process of making a votive candle:

1. Heat the wax in a double boiler.

2. Keep a check on the temperature with the help of a thermometer.

3. In hot melted wax, add any colors and fragrance of your choice.

4. Stir it well.

5. Immediately pour this melted wax in the molds' lips.

6. To keep process clean and economical, place an old newspaper beneath the wax molds
prior to pouring the wax in to them. This way you would land up saving around 20% of
your melted wax for your next pouring process.

7. Let the wax cool in the molds and you work on the wicks.

8. Cut the wick several inches longer than actually required.

9. Attach the wicks to the wick tabs.

10. Dip your wicks in hot wax.

11. Unlike the other candles, votive candles cool off quite faster so do keep a check on the

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molds while cooling down.

12. When wax starts hardening, insert the wick with its tab attached, through the bottom of
the mold.

13. Let the wax cool further and check that the metal tab or the wick tab settles down well.

14. Check that the wick must stay right in the center.

15. After the wax has fully cooled down, you shall find a sink hole on the top of the votive
candle that forms due to shrinkage.
16. Heat some wax to a temperature 15 degree Fahrenheit higher than the earlier wax
poured. Pour this melted wax in the mold again.

17. Let the mold cool down completely now.

18. The votive candle would slide out from the mold quite easily.

19. Finally trim your candle's wick to about 1/2 an inch from the candle's top.

20. Attach the same to the votive holder, an inch or 2 taller than your candle itself.

21. To further beautify your votive candle, try applying some sleek ribbons with hot glue gun
across the rim of your votive candle holder.

Your votive candle is ready to use!
Making Unity Candles

Lighting unity candles is often an indispensable part of the traditional wedding ceremonies. It
demarcates the unity of two families with the meeting of two souls.

This custom involves a set of two taper candles and one column candle. First the bride and the
groom light a taper candle each. Then with these two flames, they together light up the large
column candle placed in the middle.

Considering the enormous expenses of wedding, it is always a good idea to gift a set or allow
some friends or relatives to gift this set to the couple. In addition, it is also a good idea to gift
individualized column candles to the parents of the couple.

The column candles in such sets often carry a message like a biblical saying, some greetings, a
picture of the couple, a poem, etc.

For interesting ideas and inspirations, just log on the internet or look out in the nearby library or
book store to search for books that are filled in with pictures and ideas to make interesting unity
candles for your loved ones. On the online sources many a time you might also come across
the gorgeous pictures of unity candles along with the step by step instruction manual to make
them yourself.

Making any sort of quality candles is quite inexpensive and real fun. Let's see how can we
make these candles, proceeding step by step.

Making Taper Candles

The basic tools required to make your own taper candles are all available on the online stores
and the local craft stores. These are as follows:

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