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CanvaKala is a graphic design WordPress plugin which can access 2 millions copyrighted free
images inside your wordpress dashboard, Edit image with tons of features as effectively as any
pro tools to give your website a unique, elegant appearance.
Find royalty-free images from several sources from within WordPress (from Flickr,
Pixabay, Openclipart, Europeana, Instagram).
Once you have selected an image, you can:
Resize/crop to any size you want, or to our suggested sizes for various applications
(such as Facebook cover, Twitter cover or banner ad).- Choose from 20 automatic special
Adjust image properties (contrast, brightness, exposure, pixelation, etc.)
Add a border over the image to make it stand out (using different colors, widths and
Add one or more pieces of text over the picture.
Add one of more images over the picture, using layers.
Draw shapes over the picture (rectangles, circles, stars, lines, etc.)
Draw freehand images over the picture.
With the final image, you can:
Insert it into any post.
Download it to your computer.
Save it to the WP media gallery to use later.
2 Million Beautiful Copyright-Free HD Images Only Clicks Away
An easier way to add great images to your site
No usage restrictions, No extra fees, No wasted time
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value over $24,000 from us!
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