Capabilities And Limitations Of A Computer

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  1. CAPABILITIES AND LIMITATIONS OF A COMPUTER We see computer everywhere: at home, in school, in the hospital, in the bank, in bookstores and department stores, at recreation centers and in man other places. They are important pieces of equipment and they help man in so many ways. Many people depend so much on computers. They use computers to do their work, to have fun. to keep in touch with their loved ones, to store important documents and so on. Why is this so? Because computers are capable of doing so many things. The following items are the capabilities of a computer. 1. The computer processes information very fast. Would you believe that computer can get the average of a million sets. of numbers in a few seconds by pressing a button? It is like getting the sum or total of one hundred different sets of numbers in one click. 2. The computer gives accurate results. Some scientists use the computer in their experiments. The needed data for their experiments are processed in the computer. They can get almost perfect and more accurate results through it. 3. The computer stores large amount of data and information. Most computers have storage or accessories wherein the user can save information or document. These are called floppy diskettes, hard disks and zip disks. 4. The computer enables one to restore or bring back any of his works. You try to bring your old work when you want to make another copy of it, or when you want to change something in it. A computer makes all these possible. 5. It is automatics. You don’t have to wait long for a computer to do a certain job. Most of the time, you just have to click a button and the computer’s processor will do the rest of the work. 6. The computer can do two things at the same time. You may open two or more programs at the same time. You may work with the first one while you minimize or hide the other program. 7. The computer can be improved and upgraded. The computer is unlike other machines or appliances that your parents discard or throw away when they do not function properly anymore. Today, it is very easy to replace damaged and obsolete computer parts. You just have to go to the nearby computer store or ask a service technician to do installation and repair work for your computer.
  2. However, the computer is not a supermachine. Thus, it has its own limitations, like the following: 1. The computer can only do what you tell it to do. Do not expect the computer to give you something which you never tell it to do. It will only give you what you ask it. 2. It cannot generate information on its own. Your computer depends on you. It will not run unless you operate it. In the same way, it cannot give you information you need if you do not feed it with the necessary data. 3. The computer will give you wrong information if you feed it with wrong data. The computer cannot distinguish between correct data and wrong data. Thus, if you feed your computer with wrong data, it will result with the computer giving wrong information. 4. The computer cannot correct wrong instruction. If you give the computer wrong instruction, it will not able to do anything to correct it. It will only stop functioning. Then, the computer will depend on you to correct your mistake.