Car renting and related regulations

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Car renting and related regulations
Car renting is popular for tourists travel ing to other countries and who requires to get through cars.
Below is an article which explains in brief of what must be kept in mind while renting cars with emphasis
on the regulations of Europe.
For travelers who visit other countries for vacation or any other reasons, and who needs a car to move
around, renting a car to reach desired destinations is a preferable choice. With a firm budget on hand,
you can also hire a luxury car for yourself Bil eje your family. Hiring a luxury car wil ensure a
comfortable ride and time for you and your family while being able to see various spots. For this
arrangement, you need to make an advance booking some two weeks ahead. Online booking facilities
are a good way to get a car of your choice from the various providers.
The internet can provide a great deal of detail on car renting. There are numerous web portals that give
comparative rates of al major car rental providers including Hertz, Europcar, Thriftry etc. The portals al
give detailed information on the type of luxury cars available for hire.
Car rental rates also vary in weekdays and during the weekends. In fact, Friday is no longer considered a
week day by many car providing agencies and is charged the same amount as that of the weekend.
It must be known that rental car companies make a lot of money sel ing gas, insurance and often adding
fees and taxes. Some car providers located on the premises of the airport wil charge airport fee. It is
advisable to avoid this; for which it is suggested Biludlejning you hire a car from your hotel or far away
from the airport.
Keep in the mind that while renting a car it is important to return your car with a ful tank if you had
hired a ful tank gas in the beginning or they wil charge as much as $9 per gal on.
There must be prior knowledge related with car rental in European countries. Firstly, the minimum age
of renting a vehicle in Europe is 21. Some countries and companies may set 25 as their minimum age.
The maximum in some of the countries like the United Kingdom, Cyprus is 75.
Secondly, International Driving Permit or IDP is required in some of the European countries. But it is
necessary that holding IDP is not enough, you need to have the original driving license of your home
country. A valid passport would also be required; moreover the valid date should extend to at least 12
months from the date of rental.
Thirdly, crossing countries in a rental car should be treated with prior information on the laws and
regulations of the concerned countries. Never forget al sort of documents such as passport, visa, vehicle
registration, travel documents and a cross border fee. Before crossing from one country to another you
may be required to stop by Customs Officers to check the said documents or any other reasons. For
some Eastern European countries, crossing countries in rented car is not al owed.

Fourthly, European countries excluding UK and Ireland drive on the right hand side of the road, again
use of mobile phones while driving is prohibited. Lastly, there are other do's and don't but the car rental
company would be glad to give you al the details and keep any trouble at bay, while you see and
explore the cities by yourself.