Career Coaching

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Sciences Po
Master of Public Affairs 2009-2010

1st and 2nd Year Optional Course, 2nd semester

Career Coaching

Susie Lawrence

 Susie Lawrence
 Susie Lawrence is a UK career coach who specialises in working with graduate students.
Susie spent 5 years working at the London School of Economics as a career coach and
now runs her own consultancy, Runway., specialising in all aspects of the career
management process. Susie has a range of clients across the private and public sector
including the British Council, The Foreign and Commonwealth Office, Teach First,
Credit Suisse and the London School of Economics. Susie works with a range of business
schools and has a first degree in Psychology and an Msc in Occupational Psychology and
Career Management.
[email protected]

Course Description:
This programme is designed to help you maximise the impact you can make in your future
career and focus your learning on understanding yourself and your future direction . We will
give you help on understanding the Global job market, accessing opportunities and maximising
your success in the assessment process. The aim of the programme will be to accelerate your
personal and professional development.

The programme will consist of 2 elements - 3, 2 hour lectures which will introduce you to the
elements of the career management process. We will then be giving you the chance to work in
small groups of about 10 students for 3 sessions – which will then allow you to discuss, debate
and practice your skills with the instructor.

Course Objectives:
By the end of this course students will have the following;

 An understanding of the current job market
 An ability to assess what skills and abilities each individual can bring to an employer
 A knowledge of how to succeed through the assessment process and the development
and practice of associated skills.
 A career strategy and action plan for the future.

Course Requirements:
 The course will be delivered through lectures and small group workshops and preparatory
worksheets and suggested reading will be distributed 2 weeks before each session.
 Students will benefit from the programme most if they complete the reading and
worksheets and keep a reflective journal throughout the programme. This will discussed
at the first lecture .
 There will be no final exam or project, however students will finish the programme with
a CV, cover letter and career action plan that meets their needs and is a strong marketing
 This is a 12h course and thus only one absence (one session of 2h) will be allowed.

Assessment and Grade Distribution:
 This course awards a pass/fail grade based on attendance

Books and other material required:
 There will be course material provided with this programme.

Course Outline:

Lecture One: Who Am I?

The student will receive a number of self assessment tools to help them clarify their strengths
and weaknesses prior to this session.
This lecture will cover;
 Understanding personality and how this relates to career choice
 How do my values interact with my career?
 What are my strengths and how do I identify them?
 Where are my areas for development?

Workshop One: Who Am I ?

Students will work in small groups of about 10 to discuss their career and experiences to date,
and use the information from the master class to reflect on their strengths and personality.
The workshop will be highly interactive and challenging and will give the students time to
understand themselves with the help of an experienced careers professional who is also a
psychologist. The student will have the chance to develop a reflective workbook for the future.
At the end of the workshop the student will have a clearer understanding of their strengths and
personality - and the implications of this for future career choice.

Lecture Two: Understanding the Job Market

This lecture will cover:
 Generating Career Options and Ideas

 Global Employment trends
 How to Network to find a job
 Writing a Career Action Plan

Workshop Two: Understanding the Job Market

Students will work in small groups of about 10 to:
 Design an individual career plan
 Detail how they will access opportunities and target their job search
 Discuss the range of opportunities open to them and conduct a SWOT analysis of each

Lecture Three: Success through the Assessment Process

This lecture will cover:
 Writing an effective CV
 Making an impact with the Application form and cover letter
 Interview technique
 Developing and delivering your own pitch
 Handling an Assessment Centre

Workshop Three: Success through the Assessment Process

Students will work with Susie and together to:
 Produce an effective and targeted CV
 Develop a personal ‘Elevator Pitch’
 Practice interview questions
 Discuss top tips for succeeding at Assessment Centres