Career Options for Chartered Accountants

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Career Options for Chartered Accountants
Chartered Accountancy as a Career

CA as a Career
* A Chartered Accountants can be appointed as an auditor or as a
financial caretaker of a company, firm or organization. They can
also work with
consultancies in the various areas like cost
accounting, financial accounting and tax management. Besides
this, CAs also work in the areas of law advice, corporate law,
project planning and finance.

Some Working Areas for CAs
* Options in Legal Areas
* Options in Management Accounting
* Options in Finance
* Options in Insurance Industry
* Options in Auditing and Accounting

Career Options after CA

Job Options for CA
Chief Accountant
Chief Manager(for Internal Audits)
Chief Finance Officer
Lecturer or Professor
Chief Manager(For Management Audits)
Chief Manager-Systems

Practice Areas for CA
Tax Consultancy
Auditing and Assurance
Financial Consultancy
Accounting Services
Financial Reporting
Cost Accounting
Project Planning
Cost & Management Consultancy
Investment Planning
Business Evaluation

CA as Entrepreneur
* Own Business
* Training
Other Roles
* Trustee
* Arbitrator
* Executor
* Finance Director
* Managing Director
* Executive Director

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