Carnelian Gemstones are an Easy Way to Bring Positive Changes in Your Life

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Carnelian Gemstones are an Easy Way to Bring Positive Changes in
Your Life

When it comes to energizing gemstone, Carnelian is the name that often comes to mind. The
stone also signifies courage, leadership and endurance. There are many examples in history
which show that this stone has proved to be quite useful to people who wanted to gain
strength and have more stamina. Egyptians used to wear this stone in order to represent their
rank of builder, where as alchemists used to boil this stone in order to enhance the energy of

The stone is mainly found in countries like India, Iceland, Peru and Britain. Carnelian was
considered as a stone of high status and hence people who belonged to high class in the
society were buried along with the stone on their side. The stone truly boosts energy inside an
individual and helps him or her to re-energize. Though there are a variety of colors in which
the stone is available but the most popular colors of the stone are red and orange.

Carnelian gemstone has a lot of positive properties associated with it. It is said to have a lot
of properties such as healing, spiritual and color energy. We will discuss each one of them
here. The stone helps to increase the supply of blood to the body and provide energy to the
productive organs of the body. It is also a great stone for healing problems related to back
pain, arthritis, and rheumatism. Most of the people take the help of this stone in order to
prevent themselves from consuming alcohol, smoking and many such habits.

Presence of spiritual energy inside a person is quite important. A carnelian has the capability
to restore faith inside an individual by bringing some spiritual changes inside the person. Few
people suffer from problems such as procrastination, inability to take right decisions and
many other mental problems. This stone restores the lost confidence by enriching the inner
consciousness. It is able to attract all the positive rays from the planet by enabling the human
body to absorb the rays.
The stone is mainly available in two colors; red and orange. Each one of them has got their
own significance. Orange is considered lucky for people who do not share friendly
relationships with other people. The color brings friendship, pleasure and joy. It is also said
that wearing an orange colored carnelian help to reduce fear and imbibe self confidence
inside a person. Red color on the other hand can help to create strong feelings inside a person.

The stone is used today in various forms of jewelry such as bracelet, rings and necklaces. It
especially looks good when it is worn with stones that are light blue in color.

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