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Player's Guide
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Player's Guide
Player's Guide
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Player's Guide
T ales are told throughout Golarion of shadowy
figures that lurk in dark corners--stories recounted
at children's bedsides feature bestial creatures
that come out only when the moon is right, and fireside
additiOnal reading fOr
legends speak of otherworldly beings beyond reckoning,
whose very existence is more than the human mind can
Players interested in further immersing themselves in the
bear to know. These are the legends that explain where
world of Golarion and adding campaign-specific details
the blood of the family cow went, and why clerics spend
relevant to the Carrion Crown Adventure Path to their
so much time ensuring the proper Pharasmin rites are
PCs' background may wish to investigate the fol owing
observed at gravesites throughout the Inner Sea. One
Pathfinder Player Companions.
can write them off as simple, scary stories in Absalom or
Adventurer's Armory: Fil ed with new and exotic
Westcrown, but in Ustalav, everyone knows the truth of
equipment and options for all manner of weapon users;
the things that go bump in the night.
players seeking to better or more appropriately arm
In the Carrion Crown Adventure Path, the horrors of
themselves for their adventures should look herein.
the night become undeniably real as the PCs undertake
Inner Sea Primer: Although not specifical y about
a journey that will decide the future of a nation. This
Ustalav, this crash course on the continents of Avistan
guide will aid players in preparing for this campaign
and Garund provides regional traits and background
by providing background on the nation of Ustalav,
suggestions for PCs from over 40 nations, any of which
from its traumatic history to its superstitious citizens,
make a great home for characters beginning the Carrion
who struggle to eke out a living while holding back
Crown Adventure Path.
the darkness. Within, players will find suggestions for
In addition to these sourcebooks, the Pathfinder
creating characters of all races and classes in the context
Tales novel Prince of Wolves by Dave Gross takes place
of the Carrion Crown Adventure Path. Also included are
in Ustalav and provides a gripping, spoiler-free preview
a variety of unique campaign traits to consider when
of the sort of adventures characters may face over the
crafting PCs' backstories. Finally, an optional hero point
course of the campaign.
system involving the traditional Varisian divination tool
These books and yet more Pathfinder resources are
known as the harrow deck is introduced.
available at your local book or hobby store or online
Ustalav Overview
The Immortal Principality of Ustalav lies on the northern
shore of Lake Encarthan, a grim bastion of civilization
believe that no matter how bad it gets, history shows it
amid the barbarian north, where a harsh landscape and a
could always be worse.
history rich in tragedies inspire a wary population with
Although Ustalav has little to offer its rural peasants,
skepticism, religious devotion, and superstition. A
inhabitants of its many metropolitan cities fare somewhat
conglomeration of loosely affiliated counties, each run by
better, and the centers of learning and culture they
feuding nobles vying for power and inf luence, Ustalav is
provide draw trade and travelers from throughout the
a pitiful shell of its former glory, before it was subjugated
Inner Sea region. The capital, Caliphas, stands on the
to centuries of slavery at the hands of the Whispering
banks of Lake Encarthan, and its fog-shrouded streets
Tyrant's undead armies. While the nation's upper classes
host some of the nation's most esteemed centers of trade
struggle to compete with the very nations that abandoned
and academia. In the north, the city of Karcau boasts a
them to fend for themselves after the Whispering Tyrant's
thriving culture of music, theater, and other fine arts,
defeat, the average Ustalavic citizen has it much worse.
and its opulent architecture rivals the excess of even
Hundreds of years of subjugation and the residual
the most exotic Taldan palace. Meanwhile, Ustalav's
horrors that plague the countryside have left the people
northwestern counties have broken from aristocratic
of Ustalav suspicious of magic, religion, foreigners, and
rule and formed their own local, democratic government
their fellow citizens. Beyond their eccentric and insular
without nobles, calling themselves the Palatinates and
qualities, Ustalavs often have a dour worldview. They
providing a glimmer of hope for the downtrodden people
resign themselves to lives of suffering, seeing nothing in
of provincial Ustalav.
their people's history to suggest there is any hope for a
It is here, in the Immortal Principality, that the
better life. Despite the physical and psychological strains
Carrion Crown Adventure Path takes place, and as you
upon its populace, Ustalav nevertheless fosters extremely
travel through the various counties, your character will
hardy and tenacious stock: men and women who firmly
rise from a simple pallbearer to the potential savior of the
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410185, Ernst Brun <[email protected]>, Mar 1, 2011
Player's Guide
nation. As internally varied as a nation can be, Ustalav is
humans into Caliphas's port, and from there into the heart
your new home, and the possibilities for fame, fortune,
of Ustalav. Trade aside, the rich and dark history of Ustalav
and inf luence are as thick as the fog that creeps across
is lure enough for the adventurous and curious among all
the windy moors at night.
the civilized races of the Inner Sea. Furthermore, Professor
Lorrimor was more open-minded than many of his fellow
countrymen, and counted members of all races among his
arriOn crOwn characters
friends and colleagues.
While the Carrion Crown Adventure Path takes place
exclusively in the haunted nation of Ustalav, the campaign
does not require (or even assume) that the PCs be natives
Dwarves are less than common in Ustalav, yet the
of that land. Each PC is summoned at the start of the
proximity of the Five Kings Mountains to the Immortal
adventure to the town of Ravengro in the rural county
Principality means that there is steady trade between
of Canterwall from elsewhere in Ustalav or the Inner Sea
the miners, weaponsmiths, and brewers of the dwarven
region. Thus, PCs of any nationality or concept can work
stronghold and the large urban ports on Lake Encarthan.
within the constraints of the Adventure Path. No matter
Stout folk native to the land can generally be found in
what your PC's background is, adventure and intrigue
the mining-rich counties of Barstoi and Versex, where
await when you arrive in Ravengro for the funeral of
they often hold inf luential positions in local salt and tin
the recently deceased Professor Petros Lorrimor, famed
mines. While many dwarven traders and tradespeople
scholar, explorer, and teacher.
find themselves most accepted in the metropolitan
The Carrion Crown Player's Guide is intended to provide
centers of southern Ustalav, some venture into the more
characters with a connection to Professor Lorrimor--one
provincial and sometimes prejudiced counties in the
close enough to justify his naming each PC in his will--
east to answer the silent call to stand vigil against the
whether they are native to another part of Ustalav, or
orc hordes of neighboring Belkzen. Though natives of
from a distant part of the Inner Sea where they met him
these regions are generally suspicious of (and sometimes
by chance in his many travels. The following character
even outright hateful toward) non-human visitors, those
suggestions provide both basic information on potential
who take the time to get to know their dwarven neighbors
PC origins within Ustalav and reasons for visiting it, and
often come around to their foreign ways, appreciating
possible connections a character of any class may have to
them for their hardiness and staunch pragmatism.
the late professor. Use this guide as a starting point to give
your PC a reason to be summoned to the fateful funeral
that launches the Carrion Crown Adventure Path.
Elves are uncommon in Ustalav, especially outside the
The following pages outline qualities of typical members
cosmopolitan capital of Caliphas or the nation's many
of all seven core races, and all 18 base classes found in the
centers of learning. Even the oldest living elves are too
Core Rulebook, Advanced Player's Guide, and Ultimate Magic,
young to remember the reign of the Whispering Tyrant,
allowing you to create any combination thereof within
but elven memories are long and current elders recount
the framework of the Carrion Crown Adventure Path.
tales of their parents' generation joining the ranks of
Characters of all alignments, religions, and homelands
the Shining Crusade to drive Tar-Baphon's armies from
can play a vital role in this campaign, and the following
the banks of Lake Encarthan. As such, many young
suggestions should serve to spark a concept or background
elves venture into the Ustalavic countryside, hoping
for your PC. You'll also find several new traits specific
to uncover long-buried mysteries or even to see the
to the Carrion Crown Adventure Path to help you better
land where a not-so-distant ancestor perished. Some
customize your character and link her to the campaign's
elves find themselves subject to deep-seated prejudice
setting and plot.
from Ustalav's primarily Varisian inhabitants, who
collectively--if subconsciously--hold a grudge against
the elves who returned to Kyonin once the Whispering
Tyrant was defeated so long ago, abandoning the crippled
As with much of the Inner Sea, Ustalav is a nation inhabited
natives to fend for themselves--a fate from which the
primarily by humans, but that doesn't exclude members
nation of Ustalav has never fully recovered.
of other races from participating in the Carrion Crown
Adventure Path. The capital city, Caliphas, is conveniently
located on the banks of Lake Encarthan; trade with the
Ustalav isn't home to any notable gnome settlements, and
neighboring nations of Druma, the Five Kings Mountains,
the inhabitants' general superstition makes them wary
Isger, Kyonin, Molthune, and Nirmathas bring non-
of gnomes living among them. That said, Ustalav is a
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410186, Ernst Brun <[email protected]>, Mar 1, 2011
Player's Guide
strange place, and gnomes from around the world often
travel there to see its bizarre sights and sometimes even
more bizarre citizens. Particularly charismatic gnomes
have been known to embed themselves with a traveling
rOlePlaying hOrrOr
caravan of Sczarni, performing an agreed-upon task in
The Carrion Crown Adventure Path is steeped in the
exchange for being led throughout the countryside to see
traditions and tropes of gothic horror, from Bram Stoker's
the inspiring sights and experiences within. Similarly,
Dracula and Mary Shel ey's Frankenstein, to more modern
some gnomes find themselves accompanying altogether
terrors from the minds of H.P. Lovecraft and Stephen King.
different caravans: traveling circuses. In these cases, their
As a player, you're likely familiar with many of the themes
freakish companions often provide enough inspiration
and al usions presented throughout the campaign. But
to stave off the Bleaching, while the gnomes themselves
that doesn't mean your character has to be. There are many
occasionally exploit their people's rarity by going on
ways to craft a character of any type who can experience
display for gawking rubes willing to pay to see a "freak"
the terror you as a player may be too familiar with to be
or "captured fairy."
affected by. Whether creating a naive or superstitious
innocent who discovers the evil of the outside world or
a bookish researcher who digs into books not meant to
Half-elf populations are always small throughout the
be opened, consider building a character without all the
Inner Sea, and this remains true in Ustalav. Minute
answers. Discovering the truth can be the most exciting
numbers of such half-breeds can be found in Ardis,
part of a lengthy campaign such as this, and you may just
Caliphas, and Karcau, though isolated individuals are
find yourself feeling a bit of terror along the way.
scattered throughout the nation. The superstitious and
uneducated population of rural Ustalav frequently see
the pointed ears, inhuman eyes, and fair features of half-
elves and mistake them for changelings, tief lings, or other
more monstrous half-humans. Such folk then make the
offenders' lives difficult, sometimes even running them
As with elsewhere in the Inner Sea region, half lings
out of town. Thus, native half-elves are cautious, and often
live and work alongside humans, ever in their wide and
do their best to disguise their elven traits (see the Integrated
ambitious shadows. In Ustalav, half lings are relatively
alternate racial trait in the Advanced Player's Guide.) Half-
rarer than in the nations of southern Avistan, such as
elves from other parts of the world are prone to wandering,
Andoran and Cheliax. As with similarly statured gnomes,
however, and many find themselves in Ustalav on their
half lings may be found traveling the countryside as part
way somewhere else or as a final destination, believing the
of wandering carnivals or freak shows, on display for their
ancient land may hold some answer they seek.
miniature stature or performing as acrobats or jugglers.
Nobles in the more urban cities of Caliphas, Ardis, and
Karcau may look to the prosperous nations of Cheliax
Half-orcs are an extraordinary sight in Ustalav, and
and Taldor and follow their lead by employing half lings
outside the seedier side of Ustalav's many urban centers,
as servants, ever trying to emulate more extravagant
half-orcs are most often found along the nation's
societies. In the northwestern counties known as the
western border. The Whispering Tyrant ruled Ustalav
Palatinates, half lings f leeing from the bonds of slavery
for nearly a millennium as master of the vast orc hordes
elsewhere in the world see the emancipated citizenry as
of Belkzen, and even a thousand years after the Shining
an example of the life they wish to live, free from both
Crusade defeated him and drove his armies back into the
bondage and the idealistic crusading of liberty-focused
wastelands, the residual bloodlines caused by generations
Andoran, and they live and work side by side with the free
of orc attacks on human settlements still pop up in even
humans of the region's peasantry.
the most prestigious of families. Though Sczarni are
typically capable of defending themselves and wary of
outsiders, some vulnerable caravans have been known
Humans dominate Ustalav's population, and among them
to hire the occasional half-orc guard to ensure that
most are ethnic Varisians whose ancestors also called the
they have the brawn on hand to counter any unexpected
land home. Whether nobles clinging to the few drops of
resistance from the nation's darker denizens. Despite
blood that grant them a claim--albeit a distant one--to
this, half-orcs are seen as monsters by most Ustalavs, and
the Ustalavic aristocracy, or stoic peasants struggling to
a half-orc in any Ustalavic setting is often the subject of
make ends meet in the unforgiving countryside, heritage
extreme prejudice.
and history are incredibly important to Ustalavs. All
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410187, Ernst Brun <[email protected]>, Mar 1, 2011
Player's Guide
modern Ustalavs feel directly connected through familial
ties to the centuries of torment at the Whispering Tyrant's
hands and share an inherited acceptance of a life of struggle
Few things define a character more than her class, and
and suffering. Among the populace's Varisian ethnicity are
the Carrion Crown Adventure Path allows for incredible
communities of nomads who travel as far as the Varisian
variety in the types of characters that take part in it. All
coast, and the wandering Sczarni, who are scorned even by
eleven core classes and the seven base classes from the
many fellow Varisians for their stereotypical unscrupulous
Advanced Player's Guide and Ultimate Magic have a place
ways. Both unsettled groups are typically considered
within Ustalav and, by extension, this campaign. While
backward and dangerous, and are thus treated as second-
creating your character, use the following class overviews
class citizens. In addition, those humans of Kellid decent
as a guide for how your chosen class may fit into the
are treated with contempt, especially in the north, where
Adventure Path, and possibly as inspiration for a new
they are negatively associated with the barbarian tribes of
character concept. In addition to background information,
Numeria, the Realm of the Mammoth Lords, and the fallen
each class also presents some suggestions for customizing
realm of Sarkoris. Despite their relegation to second-class
your character to best suit the coming campaign, both
citizenship, Kellids are nevertheless common throughout
from core options and alternate class features presented
Ustalav, and the monolithic remnants of their shamanistic
in the Advanced Player's Guide. Each write-up includes at
society from before the arrival of the Varisians can still be
least one possible way in which your character may have
found throughout the region.
met Professor Petros Lorrimor, the man whose funeral
brings you to Ravengro to begin the Adventure Path; use
Other races
this suggestion in combination with the campaign traits
While the preceding races are the most common in
beginning on page 11 to build your PC's background and
Ustalav, several non-core races might fit well into the
hook her into the coming adventures.
Carrion Crown Adventure Path. In each case, these races
will most likely present a more challenging time for
players, especially in more superstitious and provincial
Ever on the fringes of society, alchemists often gravitate
regions of Ustalav, but they fit very nicely into the
toward Ustalav, where varied centers of science and academia
Adventure Path's themes. All races presented here have
disguise their eccentricities and odd research. Schools
no racial hit dice and are balanced against the seven core
like the University of Lepidstadt, Caliphas's Quarterfaux
races, though you should get your GM's approval before
Archives, and Rozenport's Sincomakti School, along with
selecting one of them for your PC.
the ancestral libraries of Ustalav's crumbling nobility and
Changeling: When hags trick members of other races
long lost crypts of the armies of the Whispering Tyrant,
into child-bearing unions, changelings are the result.
provide ample draw for alchemists from around the world
Always female and often sporting different colored eyes,
to venture into the haunted land, hoping to learn advanced
changelings are usually raised by unwitting parents
formulae and discover eldritch extracts. An alchemist
of their father's race, most unaware of the unnatural
may have met Professor Lorrimor at a center of alchemical
circumstances of their daughters' birth. Details on this
study where he came to speak or at a library where the two
new race can be found in Pathfinder Adventure Path #43.
studied ancient formulae together.
Dhampir: Resulting from the unlikely union of a
Recommendations: Alchemists' great versatility allows
vampire and a living human, dhampirs are graced with
characters of any bent to function well in the Carrion
long life, an elegant appearance, and unnatural ref lexes,
Crown Adventure Path, focusing their daily mutagens
but are cursed with an aversion to bright light and an
and extracts to the current situation. Those alchemists
affinity to negative energy. In Ustalav, dhampirs are
skilled in Knowledge (arcana), Perception, Spellcraft,
more common than nearly anywhere else in the Inner
Survival, and Use Magic Device will find particular use
Sea region, but they are nevertheless seen and treated as
for their talents over the course of the campaign.
monsters. Dhampir stats can be found on page 89 of the
Bestiary 2.
Orc: While half-orcs are a standard option for PCs,
Ustalav is a fairly civilized nation where barbarians are
Ustalav's proximity to Belkzen opens up full-blooded
stigmatized for their lack of refinement and adherence
orcs as legitimate possibilities for player characters. Of
to traditional values. Many hail from Kellid tribes to the
the non-standard races presented in this section, orcs face
north and east, further adding to the prejudice. Which
perhaps the largest and most widespread social stigma in
stigma colored the other isn't clear, but to most Ustalavs,
Ustalav and will present serious obstacles for a player of
Kellid and barbarian are synonymous words, and are often
this race, in both rural and urban environments.
used as such. The Graidmere swamp outside Karcau also
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410188, Ernst Brun <[email protected]>, Mar 1, 2011
Player's Guide
hosts its own xenophobic communities of unpredictable
swampfolk, born from interbreeding between Varisians
Ustalav is home to numerous mounted warriors and
and mysterious, marsh-dwelling Kellids. Although
dedicated crusaders. In the south, amid the Hungry
Professor Lorrimor was a man of culture and academia, he
Mountains, cavaliers and paladins from Lastwall patrol
nevertheless made many an acquaintance--and even a few
the scarred land looking for signs of the Whispering
friendships--with barbarians, especially when exploring
Tyrant's lingering power. In the more lush, wooded areas
and doing research in their native lands. Thus, wild
of northern and western Ustalav, cavaliers of noble lineage
warriors from locations as far-f lung as the Lands of the
participate in competitive hunts, always trying to prove
Linnorm Kings and even the Mwangi Expanse may have a
their superior horsemanship. When exploring dangerous
place in the late professor's will.
parts of the world or hunting for proof of legendary
Recommendations: Barbarians of all types and origins
creatures, Professor Lorrimor often hired cavaliers to
might be summoned to Ravengro, but barbarians from the
serve as escorts; many of these served him more than
lands around Ustalav may wish to employ the
once, and he became very close to several.
Superstitious archetype. Kellids attracted
Recommendations: Cavaliers make excellent team
to the ancestral ruins that dot the
leaders and can be invaluable on the battlefield
land may also consider the Totem
in any adventure. The Carrion Crown Adventure
Warrior archetype. Suggested
Path includes a number of traditional
dungeon crawls and urban encounters
Perception, and Survival.
that may present a challenge to cavaliers
with Large mounts, so having non-
mounted combat options is recommended.
Much of Ustalav's countryside
Orders that work well in this campaign
consists of rural farms and tiny
include the order of the cockatrice, the
villages, but it also contains some
order of the shield, the order of the
of the largest urban centers on Lake
star, and the order of the sword.
Encarthan. The antiquarian archives
Suggested skills include Diplomacy,
in Ardis; noble courts and aristocratic
Climb, and Sense Motive.
intrigue in Caliphas; Karcau's world-
famous opera; and other academies of
theater, dance, comedy, and song all draw
bards from across the Inner Sea region.
But even in rural areas, wandering
performers, swindlers, and storytellers
are common, and no Sczarni caravan is
complete without someone to distract a
mark while the rest of the crew lightens
his purse. In his travels abroad, Professor
Lorrimor often sought out lorekeepers
when conducting research, and had bardic
contacts in nearly every city in the Inner
Sea on the off chance he needed a social
introduction while in town.
Recommendations: Bards are incredibly
versatile and can fill a number of campaign
roles. Those who focus entirely on enchantment
or mind-affecting effects may find some
portions of the Adventure Path challenging;
at least passing skill in combat or the ability
to magically enhance allies will come in
handy. Good class archetypes include
Archivist, Detective, and Magician.
Suggested skills include Acrobatics,
Bluff, Sense Motive, and Stealth.
7, Ernst Brun <[email protected]>, Mar 1, 2011

410189, Ernst Brun <[email protected]>, Mar 1, 2011
Player's Guide
and wolves. Druids who specialize in overland travel and
tracking will also find their talents particularly useful.
Nomadic Varisians worship Desna almost exclusively,
Suggested skills include Knowledge (Nature), Perception,
while most common Ustalavs respect her but pay their
and Survival.
truest homage to Pharasma. The Lady of Graves' faith is
particularly strong throughout the nation and has taken
on an insular, fatalistic bent seen few other places. Many
Capable fighters can be found across Ustalav, whether
of her followers believe that they are fated to experience
as members of local militias, guards, bodyguards in the
bad things and that their role is to endure and thus to
service of nobles, or trained hunters. Especially along the
achieve a fair judgment by their goddess upon their
land's border, members of the country's wary military
death. Professor Lorrimor was himself more interested
keep careful vigil, knowing that the greatest threats to
in the pursuit of knowledge than matters of faith, but
the land's people come from beyond, not within. The
frequently met with religious scholars throughout the
famed dueling fraternities of the University of Lepidstadt
Inner Sea, and always took a healer or two on his many
are also renowned for their traditions and the pride with
archeological expeditions.
which they train some of the most capable fencers in the
Recommendations: While clerics of any faith may find
Inner Sea. Mercenaries make a decent living because their
themselves summoned to Ravengro, priests of Desna,
talents are in such demand, whether as guards, caravan
Iomedae, and Pharasma may find they have the closest ties
escorts, or personal bodyguards. Professor Lorrimor
to the events of the Adventure Path. Clerics who specialize in
often found the need for protection or hired muscle, and
commanding, destroying, or communicating with undead
over his long life, he held many fighters in his employ,
will be particularly effective. Suggested domains include
both locally and abroad.
Death, Good, Healing, Knowledge, Magic, Protection,
Recommendations: Fighters of any ilk will find
Repose, Rune, Sun, and Travel. Suggested skills include
themselves with plenty to do in this Adventure Path, and
Knowledge (religion), Sense Motive, and Spellcraft.
any of the fighter archetypes presented in the Advanced
Player's Guide
will serve well, Crossbowman, Free Hand
Fighter, and Weapon Master being especially common.
Ustalav is not a land known for its nature-priests, though
Suggested skill selection for this campaign includes
their presence is more pronounced the farther from
Intimidate, Knowledge (dungeoneering), and Survival.
civilization one goes in the mysterious land. While native
druids are less than common, adherents to the Green
Faith often travel to Ustalav to examine the nation's
In a nation like Ustalav, which has suffered centuries upon
wastelands, both the residual taint of the Whispering
centuries of torment and strife, people often have little
Tyrant's reign and the war-scarred expanse known as the
to turn to but their faith. In the Immortal Principality,
Furrows. Many have the idealistic hope of ridding the
this sometimes takes the form of religious zealotry. An
nation of the foul stain of its former subjugator. These
ever-growing sect of Pharasmin inquisitors maintain
crusaders of the natural world are most prevalent in the
the puritanical belief that suffering is a punishment for
southwestern region of the nation, in and around the
the people's misdeeds. These zealots frequently instigate
Hungry Mountains. Savage druids also find themselves
witch burnings and are very suspicious of the arcane arts.
drawn to the ancient standing stones that dot the nation
Inquisitors of other faiths are somewhat less common,
and the varied deadly beasts of the Shudderwood. When
with the exception of Iomedaeans, who still scour the
Professor Lorrimor had questions on various mysteries
Ustalavic countryside for remnants of the Whispering
and oddities of nature, his druid acquaintances were
Tyrant's reign. Over his long career, Professor Lorrimor
often the first people he consulted, and many of them
assisted a number of inquisitors by providing esoteric
became close friends over the years.
information and lore. Many of them came to him as a
Recommendations: Several portions of the Carrion
source time and again.
Crown Adventure Path take place in and around Ustalav's
Recommendations: Inquisitors of any faith may find a
many settlements, so druid characters may wish to
role in this campaign, though those affiliated with Desna,
consider the urban druid archetype from the Advanced
Iomedae, and Pharasma may feel the most connected to
Player's Guide. Druids with a particular affinity for the
the events of the Carrion Crown Adventure Path. Useful
blighted land of Virlych may likewise consider the
skills for this Adventure Path include Bluff, Diplomacy,
blight druid archetype. Any animal companion native
Disguise, Intimidate, Knowledge (arcana), Knowledge
to temperate land environments would be appropriate
(dungeoneering), Knowledge (religion), Perception, Sense
for this adventure, particularly cougars, falcons, owls,
Motive, Stealth, and Survival.
8, Ernst Brun <[email protected]>, Mar 1, 2011

410190, Ernst Brun <[email protected]>, Mar 1, 2011
Player's Guide
such as Barstoi and Versex. Despite their aversion to these
spiritual conduits, when things turn grim--and they
Masters of both spell and blade, magi constantly search
often do in Ustalav--oracles are sought out by villagers
for perfection of those arts. This blending of arcane and
and nobles alike in need of healing, soothsaying, a
martial skill often marks them as different, and therefore
medium's talents, or other occult services. Many oracles
not to be trusted, with the common populace. However,
from other parts of the world travel to Ustalav to better
the siren call of Ustalav's fabled centers of learning, the
understand their own nature, hoping the residual magic of
arcane legacy of Tar-Baphon's rule, and a mercenary's life
the Whispering Tyrant's rule or a lost tome in a forgotten
all draw these individuals to the Immortal Principality.
library will enlighten them as to their divine purpose.
In Ustalav, magi might come from the ranks of the
Professor Lorrimor went through a period of intense study
land's baroque nobility, many of whom receive a motley
of oracles, during which time he met with many of them,
education including both scholarship and swordplay,
working closely with several.
or who indulge eclectic whims. Agents of the country's
Recommendations: Oracles of all mysteries can take
various rulers, power players, and organizations--like
part in the Carrion Crown Adventure Path, but those of
Thrushmoor's Sleepless Agency--often cultivate a varied
battle, bones, and life may find themselves particularly
repertoire to help them face the nation's innumerable
well-suited to the challenges the campaign will present.
and often mysterious menaces. Professor Lorrimor
Similarly, oracles cursed with the haunted, wasting, and
traveled widely in his exploration of the known world and
tongues curses may feel additionally tied to the themes
encountered magi in the field as well as at the universities,
the Adventure Path presents. Suggested skills include
archives, and monasteries he often frequented.
Diplomacy, Knowledge (religion), and Sense Motive.
Recommendations: Characters with talent for both
sword and spell will find a special connection to the
events of this Adventure Path. Magi of the Bladebound,
Few locations in Golarion are as in need of paladins
Hexcrafter, Spellblade, and Staff Magus archetypes will
as Ustalav. Whether one sets out to vanquish evil and
all have equal opportunity to shine. Suggested skills
eliminate any remnant of the Whispering Tyrant's long
include Intimidate, Knowledge (arcana), Knowledge
reign or to heal and bolster the downtrodden Ustalavic
(dungeoneering), and Spellcraft.
citizens weary of their years of suffering, there's never a
shortage of good to be done in the Immortal Principality.
Non-native paladins frequently serve Iomedae and hail
While Ustalav does not feature any world-renowned
from Lastwall, though holy warriors of Sarenrae are also
monastic orders, devotees of self-perfection and the
somewhat common. In his innumerable explorations,
martial arts can periodically be found traveling through
Professor Lorrimor uncovered several holy relics and was
the region--may have come from backgrounds of self-
often accompanied by paladins of the aforementioned
training, sportsmanship, or barbarity. However, Professor
churches. He also had the opportunity to meet paladins
Lorrimor's travels took him far beyond his native land,
while visiting religious archives throughout Golarion.
and he encountered monks in distant cities and isolated
Recommendations: Paladins of any variety will find
monasteries the world over. He fondly recounted his long
the Carrion Crown Adventure Path rife with evil to smite
philosophical discussions with aged monks in far away
and innocents to save. The Undead Scourge archetype
corners of the Inner Sea region, and was rumored to
in the Advanced Player's Guide is an especially good
have even imparted some of his esoteric wisdom to eager
match for this campaign, though the Divine Defender,
young trainees he encountered on teaching tours.
Hospitaler, and Warrior of Holy Light archetypes make
Recommendations: Monks' strong defenses and
good alternatives. Suggested skills include Diplomacy,
versatility will prove useful in this campaign. Players
Knowledge (religion), and Sense Motive.
seeking to customize their monks beyond the standard
fare should consider the Hungry Ghost Monk, Ki
Mystic, and Monk of the Healing Hand archetypes in
There are countless threats in the wilds of Ustalav, and a
the Advanced Player's Guide. Suggested skills include
character with the ability to hunt these menaces is highly
Acrobatics, Perception, and Sense Motive.
valued. Whether serving as a guide on the wealthy's hunts
into the wilderness, stalking the ravaged countryside for
undead or other monstrous nightmares, or pursuing a
Because the source of their divine powers is frequently
criminal on the streets of Ardis or Karcau, a ranger need
misunderstood, oracles are often viewed with suspicion by
not look far to find a niche in Ustalav. Time and again,
Ustalavs, especially in particularly superstitious regions
Professor Lorrimor consulted with rangers regarding
9, Ernst Brun <[email protected]>, Mar 1, 2011

410191, Ernst Brun <[email protected]>, Mar 1, 2011
Player's Guide
terrain and wildlife while planning expeditions or
Suggested skills include Knowledge (dungeoneering),
preparing lectures, and he took the best of them with him
Perception, and Stealth.
on especially dangerous expeditions.
Recommendations: Suggested ranger archetypes
for the Carrion Crown Adventure Path include Guide,
With as many Sczarni on the streets and highways of
Infiltrator, Skirmisher, and Urban Ranger. Good favored
Ustalav as there are, it's not surprising that the nation
enemies include aberration, animal, construct, humanoid
teems with con artists, pickpockets, thugs, and thieves.
(human), and undead. Rangers with the favored terrains
No Sczarni caravan is complete without a number of
of forest, mountain, swamp, and urban will find their
rapscallions ready to play their role in separating their
talents most useful during the course of the campaign.
mark from his money, whether through deception, quick
See the druid section for suggested animal companions.
fingers, or violence. Despite the myriad problems plaguing
the people of Ustalav, many citizens see the actions of the
Sczarni as a pressing concern, and view members with
warranted suspicion. At the same time, with as many
mysteries and secrets as haunt the country's nights, it
often falls to skillful investigators, detectives, courtiers,
and common folk familiar with the ways of the shadowed
streets to bring the truth to light. Sometimes, in the course
of exploration or research, Professor Lorrimor would hire
a rogue or two to help defuse traps or procure difficult
to obtain information, the most efficient of which he
remained in contact with after the job was done.
Recommendations: Rogues of all sorts can be found in
Ustalav, but members of the class with the Acrobat, Burglar,
Cutpurse, Rake, and Thug archetypes are most common
and will find their talents particularly helpful in the
Carrion Crown Adventure Path. Suggested skills include
Disable Device, Knowledge (local), Knowledge (nobility),
and Stealth.
The arcane scars on the land of Ustalav run deep, etched
into the very fabric of the nation from centuries of rule by
the Whispering Tyrant and his undead armies. As such,
it isn't uncommon for children born in the Immortal
Principality to develop inherent spellcasting abilities
as they mature. Near Virlych, where the Whispering
Tyrant remains locked in his prison of Gallowspire,
sorcerers often have an affinity for the undead, while
the ancient Kellid ruins of Versex and Vieland are often
blamed when sorcerers in the county manifest aberrant
powers. Elsewhere in Ustalav, sorcerers exhibit signs
of celestial inf luence, perhaps a residuals effect of the
forces of good that battled the Whispering Tyrant in the
Shining Crusade. Many sorcerers manifesting these and
other bloodlines travel to Ustalav to plumb its ancient
arcane mysteries for some idea of their own origins, and
for many years Professor Lorrimor was one of the most
sought after experts on the subject.
Recommendations: Sorcerers of the aberrant, arcane,
celestial, destined, and undead bloodlines will fit
particularly well in the Carrion Crown Adventure Path,
though no bloodline would be a poor fit. Players who
10, Ernst Brun <[email protected]>, Mar 1, 2011

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