Case Study – Exceeding Client’s Expectations with Plastic Injection Molding

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Case Study - Exceeding Client's Expectations with
Plastic Injection Molding
National Molding LLC works towards delivering world-class plastic components
including plastic injection molding using new and innovative technologies.
The Challenge
The client required a high volume of plastic components and intricate parts within
a short timeframe. An important component was the client's requirement for low
cost tooling. The challenge was to meet the client's deadline without
compromising on quality.
Our modular molding team was assigned to ensure production standards were
met without falling behind schedule. Rather than beginning right away, the team
assessed the situation. A
plan was implemented to ensure the production
remained `lean'. National Molding's proprietary Hetero-Cavity System was utilized
to ensure high quality plastic molds with low cost, with production occurring in
the U.S.
The client was concerned about their reputation as their own production had
been delayed several times over. However, with proper planning and a combined
effort, the production was completed on schedule and under budget. The plastic
molds exceeded the client's expectations.
To learn more about the National Molding Hetero-Cavity System for producing
high quality plastic injection molding with low tooling costs, please visit the
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