Catamount Funding Now Offers Incomparable and Cost-Effective Invoice Factoring Services

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Catamount Funding Now Offers Incomparable and Cost-Effective Invoice Factoring Services
Managing credit risk, Catamount Funding now offers incomparable and cost-effective invoice
factoring services in Texas at the most competitive prices. Their account receivable management
services include invoice factoring services while providing a professional built-in account receivable
manager. When it comes to monitoring invoices, their staff members consistently look over the
records of the past thirty days without fail. In addition to this, they make periodic calls and send
timely past due reminders via email to the account payable managers.
Even when a customer misses their invoice or any supporting documentation, they make it
immediately possible by forwarding the information to them electronically. The following process
assures a prompt turnaround of payment on invoices without the cost of hiring an account manager.
One can avoid future credit losses by performing a concise investigation of a potential customer's
credit history.
Apart from this, a spokesperson from Catamount Funding mentions, "Our Account Receivable
Financing not only facilitates cash flow but also mitigates unnecessary credit risk. We believe in the
implementation of mechanisms that reduce the frequency of past due accounts and increase the
frequency of invoice payments. It has been shown that when businesses relax their payment and
credit requirements they are likely to experience a significant reduction in cash flow and a decline in
the profitability of their business. With Catamount's Account Receivable Financing Services, we take
care of managing your account receivables so that you receive final payment as soon as possible."
About Catamount Funding-
Catamount Funding, Inc. is a financial services provider specializing in invoice factoring and accounts
receivable financing for the small to medium size business owner. With offices in Texas, Arizona and
Colorado, they operate in a variety of industries including manufacturing, personnel, transportation,
fabrication, distribution and service. Catamount's principals have over 50 years' experience in using
receivables financing for these and other industries. The future of one's business depends on the
decisions that they make today. They can help in numerous areas including improving cash flow,
forecasting and budgeting, and developing accounting and banking relationships.
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Phone: (877) 647-8577