Catamount Funding Now Provides Business Accounts Receivable Factoring Services to Clients

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Catamount Funding Now Provides Business Accounts Receivable Factoring Services to Clients

Catamount Funding Inc., a leading U.S. factoring company, now provides business accounts
receivable factoring
services to help clients increase their working capital and continue to grow
their business. The company aims at providing a comfortable cash flow without accumulating any
debts upon the clients while ensuring they are not trapped in any unnecessary loans or credit

While offering the most impeccable services for invoice factoring in Texas, Catamount Funding is
the best place when looking for any kind of funds. Factoring Financing is a great alternative to
loans as factoring accounts is a quick, easy and affordable way to improve cash flow. With
numerous advantages like turning invoices into immediate cash, increasing cash flow and working
capital without lowering equity, making business purchases to increase profitability, all of which
allows clients to enjoy the benefits of a cash advance without racking up more debt, protect and
improve their credit ratings, etc., invoice factoring is quite beneficial.

While elaborating further a representative stated, "Factoring invoices is a quick, easy and safe way
to create working capital. Invoice factoring eliminates the wait for your accounts receivable to

Catamount Funding being ideal for small or medium businesses provides the best possible Texas
services to clients. It is a beneficial method to answer emergency financial requirements
of a financially unstable company or business.

With their quality program, Catamount Funding is among the top Texas factoring companies.
Interested clients can call the company for a free consultation or fill out the online form. The
company ensures to get back to their clients in a minimum time period with thorough details
about their invoice factoring services in Texas.

About Catamount Funding Inc.:-
Catamount Funding Inc., the leading U.S. accounts receivables and factoring company, provides
accounts receivable factoring services. The recovery service by Catamount Funding helps their
clients increase working capital and hence allows major companies to grow their businesses. With
over 50 years' of experience in the factoring and business banking industries, they have served
Dallas, Fort Worth, Houston, Austin, San Antonio, El Paso, Laredo and other Texas cities.

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