Catch Skin Cancer at Its Earliest Signs with a NYC Dermatologist

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Catch Skin Cancer at Its Earliest Signs with a NYC Dermatologist

Most people are vain when it comes to their skin and spend both time and money to keep
skin smooth and blemish-free. However, having a good skin regimen is not enough. Despite
your efforts, you might notice a rash here or a mole there on occasion. Having your skin
checked by a dermatologist on a regular basis is a good way to ensure that these skin
imperfections are not harmful or precursors to serious diseases like the dreaded cancer.

If you don't really know a good dermatologist, ask for referrals from friends and family. Or
you might want to check out a few in the New York area. There are a lot of expert
dermatologist in NYC who can help you catch cancer at its earliest stage.

Skin cancer

To this day, cancer is a disease that has yet to be fully understood. It can afflict anyone
across all age groups. However, skin cancer, which is known as the most common type of
cancer, is strongly linked to excessive sun exposure. Thus, people who are fair skinned are
particularly vulnerable to skin cancers as they have less protection from the harmful rays of
the sun. Be on the lookout for blemishes and suspicious growths that appear anywhere on
your skin. They commonly occur on the areas that are usually exposed to the sun like the
face, back, arms. These changes may not be cancerous but could very well progress into
that condition over time.

Experts agree that skin cancer is the most treatable kind there is. Of course as in any
cancer, the earlier it is detected, the better the patient's chances are of being cured. When
the disease is detected and treated at its earliest stage, the survival rate is higher. Take
note that there are different types of skin cancers with varying symptoms. Ask your NYC
dermatologist about them.

How to Spot tell-tale signs of the Big C

If you do get a chance to seek the expert opinion of a good dermatologist in NYC, don't
forget to solicit advice on learning to spot early signs of skin cancer. Make a list of what to
look out for. Chances are, you will be told to take note of moles, their size, color and the
changes they undergo. If you are found to have such suspicious skin growths, you are likely
to be asked to undergo a skin cancer screening test.

Consulting with NYC dermatologists

Dermatologists in NYC are widely known as experts in their field and are in the best position
to help you detect skin cancer and make NYC skin cancer treatment the easiest on you and
your family. Schedule your consultation now to make certain that your skin is kept flawless,
healthy, and cancer-free.