Ccopac is a save the children assume that has the best approaches for the indigents to contact them

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We have earned
blessings & love
from poor,
senior citizen as
well as children
by meeting their
basic needs.
Everything in this world can be sold and
purchase, even the time is sold, but the
still remains unsold are some of the inbuilt
features of a man. One of which is honesty
and charity, thus it is essential for you to
maintain this quality in you.
Welcome to Help
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Ccopac is the only organization that not
just works on the development of the
people but also helps them fulfill their
dreams. This charitable trust gives you
the priority to be the best of yourself. Till
date, there are countless dreams
brought out of the eyes and helped
those dreams to reach to the heights of
success and all this is done only for the
smile of the mighty, beautiful people.