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Explosive Fashion- Luxury Style Portal
Explosive Fashion is India's most popular online fashion news portal where you can read
latest news of celebrities and fashion industry. Here at Explosive fashion users can get
secret tips of fashion industry also know about latest beauty and make-up trends, male and
female supermodels and other all news of celebrities and fashion.
Explosive fashion provides weekly and monthly newsletters for regular readers so that they
could be aware of latest fashion tips and trends. Also users can read celebrity and fashion
blogs over website and get top news on luxury Indian celebrity fashion.
Explosive fashion provides news related to following topics:
Celebrity Fashion, Indian Fashion, Luxury Fashion
Celebrity and fashion blogs
Lakme fashion week
Wills lifestyle India fashion week
Male and female super models
Fashion tips and trends
Fashion and celebrity Parties
Luxury hotels
Indian restaurants
Indian designers
Best online fashion news portal for designers, models, celebrities and all people who want
to know more about fashion Industry.
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