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Celebrity Gossip Websites and How to Design Them
What will actually be in the website?
The Celebrity gossip website will have all kinds of information about celebrities. Te word
gossip does not have a connotation of good and bad and thus, any kind of information in
entertained in the portal. It also sells like hot pan cakes so links ups and break ups make to
the front page of all. All one has to do is try to get information for their domain and the
website will keep running. This is not something which will slacken due to the recession as
the entertainment industry is of the same manner. This is one segment which will never go
under a loss for economic reasons.
What can be done to maintain the website?
Any website needs web trafficking to survive and also to make money. This should be made
sure b y the person running the portal. The task seems very easy but not with respect to doing.
There are many things which have to be done to make the website sell. The first thing is to
make the news look attractive and design the website in such a manner that it attracts readers.
This can be the use of photo galleries and video streaming which can be done to catch hold of
their attention. All the pictures can have a tag line or an explanatory line. The portal should
also cover all aspects of the celebrities like what they wear and what is stunning on them to
what does not suit them. Their diet will also make a stir among the health conscious fans. On
the other hand, the list of celebrities should also be vast covering most of them from all the
fields. This is something which most of the portals find difficult to handle.
How to keep the news coming in?
For this, the website owner will have a shell out a bit of money. Hiring a trained Celebrity
journalist for the task will be a good step to take. This professional should bring in news
along with the pictures supporting the Celebrity gossip. That is when the web trafficking
actually increases. If the news is stale, nobody would visit the website and with all these
features, the domain should top the search engine lists. This is the best way to maintain a
good portal for Celebrity gossips and scandals which they create for them and their