Chan Luu the Epitome of Celebrity Fashion

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Jewellery has been worn by people for as long as mankind has existed, it might have begun as
a way to show ones wealth of just as a symbol in the past that all those days are dead and gone
and now most of the people who dawn jewellery do it for the recognition that it gets them and
the glamour that most jewellery comes with. This can be said about normal Individuals in the
society but one should ask themselves, what about the celebrities in our midst that already
have all the recognition they need what kind of jewellery do they dawn?
The answer to that is easy Chan Luu.
One would ask themselves, why most celebrities are spotted wearing Chan Luu? This is
because most celebrities have all the recognition they would want and more and most prefer
to keep a low profile as the go through their daily normal lives away from the lights and
cameras. The designers of this line have come up with a way of creating their jewellery to
become not so shouting but at the same time jewellery that is trendy looking and beautiful at
the same time.
From Jessica Alba to Lady gaga to Megan Fox and even male celebrities such as David Guetta
Chan Luu attracts celebrities from all kinds' walks of life and even ordinary people with their
unique style. They are set to enjoy this market with their simple looking bracelets and
necklaces that only have a leather strip and some pearls in-between and their necklaces that
may consist of only beads with a trendy looking pendant, this is one way of attracting a large
market and they have achieved this with this design of theirs and they seem that they will keep
enjoying this large market share for a long time.
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