Chapter 4

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Soul's Story, written by 13 Souls
Chapter 4

It was a nice day. I had already gotten most of the items I needed in order to get a Juggernaut item. I was
farming the Mana Golem, when suddenly...

A boy appeared in the portal. Level 4 at most. He looked as if he was lost, and if he was lost, I wonder how
Rayst let him past him. He walked over to me, but I wasn't scared. He didn't even have a weapon in his hands. And
he had no inventory. I didn't think he had a class, either. He had an apron on, the one you would see on Yulgar. It
was almost exactly like Yulgar's, except this boy's apron was smaller. He could have been a worker, but no one
worked at Yulgar's Inn. Only customers came to use customize themselves in Room 42, meet Cysero, the guy who
was always in the bathtub in the only bathroom at Yulgar's, or to talk to friends. No one ever asked Yulgar anything,
except to tell young heroes stories.

I barely realized he was talking to me. "Excuse me, do you happen to know where Model Y is?" he asked.
I was puzzled, how did he know my name? I definitely knew he couldn't have gone to Swordhaven and asked King
Alteon where I was. And he couldn't have gone to Shadowfall, there were only a few people who knew about it.

But, I answered him anyways. "I'm Model Y." I answered him. He didn't smile, no frowns, his eyebrows
didn't move. I was starting think this kid couldn't even blink until he said something.

"Yulgar's trusted you to help me find a class." He replied to me, he gave me an official looking document,
with the Yulgar's Inn logo on it.

Dear Model Y,

This boy is 13, short for 13 Souls. He does not know who he is, where he is, and what he is. I want you to
go help him find a class. Anything will do. Healer, Rogue, Warrior, Mage, Pirate, Ninja, I don't care. Return him to
me safely when you've found him a class.

Thanks, Yulgar

I started thinking how in the world he knew I was Mana Golem farming. Then I realized, a few days ago, I
was asking people at Yulgar's Inn I they'd like to help me farm the Mana Golem. He obviously must of heard me
talking. Still, I was going to do what he asked. It was better than farming alone.

"Looks like I'm going to have to teach you the basics of this world." I said to 13. He looked at me as if I
had a huge zit on the center of my forehead. Obviously, he probably didn't know what a moglin was.

"This world is Lore. Land of Rising Evils. There's 3 main things about Lore: Good, Evil, and Chaos. King
Alteon's the King of Swordhaven, the place where there's Good. Gravelyn is now the owner of Shadowfall, will
resides in Skullholme, capital of Evil. Right now, the age of Chaos had begun, and Drakath has sent 13 Lords of
Chaos. If they all succeed to do their part in the age of Chaos, Drakath could potentially rule all of Lore. So us

heroes are trying to stop him." I explained to 13. He looked like he was understanding me, I was pretty sure he could
speak English, so there was no reason he couldn't understand me.

"Come on, let's go get you a class." I told him. I sounded like I knew what I was doing, but I wasn't sure, I
only knew how to get Rogue class, because I was a Rogue. I'd get him Healer or Warrior, or something like that.
We walked through Greenguard Forest, and I started wondering if 13 Souls had any talents. I was part cat, but I
wondered if he had any abilities. His name was 13 Souls, so I assumed he had 13 souls. He had 12 chances to die,
while I only had 9 lives. So I could only die 8 times. If he really did have 13 souls, than 13 and I could outlive our
friends, but what good would that be?

I almost forgot we were walking towards Mazumi. She was the ninja trainer. I really wanted to cut to the
chase and figure out 13's talents, if he had any. So I decided his first class would be Ninja. We walked to Mazumi,
she was standing by a tree, as always.

"Mazumi! How would you like to give Ninja class to a new hero?" I asked her as we walked towards her.
She turned to us, "Sure, but you must pay the price. 15,000 Gold." She added.

15,000 may have seemed a lot to a Level 4, but to me, it was almost as worthless as 1 Gold. 15,000 Gold
was easy to earn if you just did quests. But, for Level 4's, it's already hard enough to do a quest, sometimes, they
have to battle monsters. It'd be a big challenge to them. I was about to dig into my inventory for enough gold, when
13 pulled out 15,000 gold from his apron. He probably got it from Yulgar.

"Thank you, pleasure doing business with you.." Mazumi said as she collected the gold. She gave him the
class and he tried it on. Of course, it'd be a long way to go until he'd get Rank 10, Ninja. So I took him back to
Yulgar's Inn. Yulgar payed me 15,000 Gold. I wanted to go talk to 13 Souls, but I knew Yulgar would be
suspicious, even if 13 wasn't his son.

I walked back to my house, and went to bed. I wanted to know what was so special about 13. I was sure
that no one knew anything about his powers, but I was curious. What power could he have? The curiosity must have
made me stay awake, because I couldn't sleep for 3 hours. At that point, it drove me nuts. I ran towards Yulgar's
Inn. But I knew that I couldn't go in the front doors, Yulgar would see me. And there were no rooms with windows
in them, so I couldn't climb in. I was stuck in front of Yulgar's Inn.

I finally realized about 15 minutes later that there was a cellar. If I could get in, I could get into the Inn and
get to 13's room. Not that I knew which one it was, but there were only about 3 rooms, it wouldn't be very time

I snuck into the back of the Inn. Jackpot. 2 doors that led into the cellar. I opened them slowly, and tip-toed
in. I saw a few lights, and then the stairs to get upstairs into the Inn. I walked over there, being extremely careful of
what I stepped on, since the floorboards would creak if I stepped on them too hard.

I manage to make it to the floor above the cellar. I looked around. Yulgar was behind the counter. He
dropped a cloth, and I saw it was my chance to see if 13 slept near the counter or not. I looked around. Nothing. I
ran upstairs before Yulgar could see me. I checked in Room 42, no one. I checked in the bathroom. Cysero was
sleeping in the bathtub. I finally realized there was a ladder in between the two rooms. I snuck up to that room.
There, I found a boy sleeping on the table.

I found him.

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