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Smart Cruiser is one of Gold Coast’s leading boat hire agencies, specialising in
quality boats and outstanding service. With close to 10 years experience in the
industry, we currently count more than 160 boats as part of our Australian fleet,
and we have made it our mission to help you find the best charter vessel for your
Our belief is sim ple:
By being honest and giving you genuine reviews of the boats, we are able to build
trust and meet your expectations every time. We are now a reference in the
industry, so you can count on us to work with you as true partners, to tell you
things as they are, and be sure that you have access to the best selection of boats
available in the Gold Coast.
Being experienced with even the most demanding of people, we are more than
happy to help with any special requests you may have. Please feel comfortable
just to ask us, give us a call and start your experience much before reaching Gold
Coast’s world class Broadwater!!!
We have had the pleasure of seeing on our boats celebrities including Brad Pitt,
Roger Federer and Mirander Kerr but regardless who you are, we guarantee to
make you feel special. Above all, it’s the people we love, and building real and
genuine relationships with you is what we want. For this, we need to be ourselves
and what you’ll get is a professional, yet laid-back service; a team of people that
are always happy to help and who are committed to giving you an amazing time
so you make the most of your experience!
Be in touch.