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Automobile Insurance Black List

It is becoming apparent than cheap car insurance vehicle insurance coverage firms are secretly
blacklisting certain postcodes which is why truthful motorists are facing soaring premiums as a
'fraud epidemic' sweeps the country. Motorists have noticed a record 40% hike in premiums over
the past year, with the typical annual complete policy forecast to break the 1,000 barrier inside
the next 12 months.

Auto insurance coverage firms say a significant reason for this boost is fraudulent claims that are
estimated to cost 2.7bn a year, adding 44 to the annual premium of truthful motorists. Typical
frauds include staged accidents where far more than frequently gangs are involved, bogus injury
claims - whiplash getting the most typical and fronting, exactly where parents cut fees by claiming
they are the major driver on an insurance policy for their child's automobile.

The top ten places for suspicious claims are parts of Birmingham, Liverpool, Bradford, East
London, Manchester, North London, Bolton, Blackburn, Southall and Oldham. These towns and
cities account for far more than four in ten suspicious claims. Birmingham is the worst 'blackspot'
and generates almost a single in ten of the suspicious claims. This compares with fewer than a
single in a hundred in West London. This evaluation, which is given to car insurers, also shows
enormous variations within individual towns and cities. For example, the postcode B8 - east of
Digbeth in Birmingham - generated

almost 13% of suspicious claims in the city. Meanwhile, B15 Edgbaston in Birmingham accounted
for just more than 1%. Some places that have observed the most significant growth in suspicious
claims this year incorporate Newcastle, Peterborough, Preston and Chester which are all now
rated as 'fraud blackspots'. In truth the fraud epidemic across the UK is only growing and shows
that fraud is no longer restricted to the heavily built-up places in towns and cities.The result of all
of is that even law-abiding drivers without having a claim to their name who reside in these places
can struggle to

discover inexpensive insurance coverage. Stories of drivers getting their vehicle insurance
premiums doubled or even being refused a automobile insurance quote are now becoming a lot
much more prevalent spot basically simply because the region they live within is 'unacceptable'.

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