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A 26,000 Car Insurance coverage Quote?

cheap car insurance Bradford MP has known as for a summit on the spiralling fees of car
insurance in the city following a quote for one particular of its constituents for 26,000 to cover his
son's vehicle - and only for third party, fire and theft.Jamie Dunn's 17th birthday present was a 1.1
litre Citroen Saxo, which cost his Dad only 700. Immediately after trawling a number of price
comparison sites, Dennis Dunn located the cheapest quote at 9,000 - with the most high-priced
coming in at a whopping 26,000. David Ward, Liberal Democrat MP for Bradford East has said
that the

scenario for some regions of Bradford is now 'fast becoming ridiculous.' The Nunn family members
have now been forced to sell the vehicle, simply as the insurance costs were unaffordable. My
Nunn has commented: 'My son is vehicle mad like me, but now his aspirations of running his 1st
car at 17 have been blown appropriate out of the water because organizations are charging
extortionate prices simply because they want to get their losses back."It appears that the major
problematic factor is that the family lives in a BD2 postcode

region - which includes Eccleshill, Undercliffe, Fagley and Bolton. This location has virtually double
the quantity of uninsured drivers compared to the rest of the country.Mr. Ward has also gone on to
highlight that not only are young drivers facing quotes of much more than 20,000 for their very
first policies, but folks who have never claimed are also being refused insurance coverage full

stop. Numerous other responsible drivers are facing ridiculous increases - just because of their
postcode.In response, the Association of British Insurers has stated it welcomes the chance to
discuss what wants to be carried out to guarantee folks in Bradford get the quite greatest feasible
motor insurance deal.

Unfortunately, it appears that most feel that the reason there are so many uninsured drivers in the
area is of course due to the obscene quotes .Hopefully, action will be taken swiftly to avoid these
ridiculous premiums, in the mean time it is suggested that young drivers appear into taking the
Pass Plus course which can lessen premiums. It is also advisable to begin with a auto with a small
engine which should ensure the vehicle fits into a lower insurance coverage bracket from day one.

Other tips to reduce vehicle insurance coverage cheap car insurance costs contain increasing the
excess, restricting the mileage, parking off-street and installing added car security.