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Block Scientific has just added Cholestech LDX to its inventory. It is an
excellent cholesterol screening system developed by Cholestech. A leading
laboratory equipment supplier in the US, Block Scientific offers the finest
in new and recertified lab equipment for use in healthcare settings.
The analyzer is extremely easy to use. In
just about 5 minutes, immediate test results
can be obtained from a single drop of
blood. Cholestech LDX can be used to
measure cholesterol, lipid profile and
glucose, ALT, AST, TC, TC/HDL, TC-
HDL-GLU, and hs-CRP value. Thus the device protects the people from the
higher risk of heart disease, diabetes, and metabolic syndrome. Cholestech
LDX system includes an easy-to-use printer, providing multiple copies of
Cholestech LDX Point of Care Analyzer Features
CHD risk assessment
Easy 3-step procedure
Immediate feedback for on-the-spot care decisions
Easy and economical software upgrades for new tests
The point of care analyzer is available as recertified model from Block
Scientific. With this medical equipment, Block Scientific offers
90 day parts warranty
Reagents, controls, and consumables may be available
Service contracts may be available
The company stands behind its work and fully warranties each piece of
refurbished laboratory equipment offered.
About Block Scientific
Block Scientific is a global company based in New York, providing lab
equipment and supplies. Serving the industry for 30 years, the company
offers outstanding pricing on new as well as reconditioned equipment. Block
Scientific has thousands of branded medical laboratory equipment in stock,
including blood gas analyzers, point of care analyzers, autoclaves,
electrolyte analyzers, centrifuges, blood collection sets, immunology
analyzers, and hematology analyzers. Block Scientific also offers lab
equipment service contracts, installation and repair solutions for most
medical laboratory equipment. Discount pricing is offered for a limited
time on selected products.
Contact Details
Block Scientific, Inc.
1620 Ocean Avenue Unit 3
Bohemia, NY 11716 USA
Ph: 631-589-1118
[email protected]
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