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How to Choose Baby's Gender - Tips on
Natural Methods
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Is it possible to choose baby's gender just by using a few simple
techniques? The answer is a surprising "yes." There are several
things a couple can do to increase their chances of having either a
baby boy or a baby girl.
If you have your heart set on a new daughter or a new son, you
need to start putting a bit more time into considering what you are
eating and when you are trying to conceive.
A diet that's either high in potassium or magnesium can help if you
want to choose baby's gender. If you want to add a new son to your
family eat foods that are jam packed with potassium.
Some delicious choices include things like bananas, apricots and
meat. You'll want to add these foods to your diet a few weeks
before you try to conceive.
For couples hoping for a baby girl, the woman should up her intake
of foods rich in magnesium. Some examples are spinach and black
Timing is also a way you can use to choose baby's gender. All
sperm are not created equal and if you are trying to help influence
Mother Nature by deciding on your baby's gender you need to put
some careful thought into when you try and conceive.
For a boy the best time for lovemaking is as close to the moment of
ovulation as possible, since male sperm are the quickest. For a girl
you should make love a couple of days before you expect to ovulate
as the female sperm have a longer life span and will already be in
place when the egg is released.
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Choosing Sex of Baby - How to Make Sure You Have a Daughter Or
Son, Your Choice!
Are you trying to find out a way to have a baby and you want to
make sure that you get to be the one that is choosing sex of baby
for your family? Do you want to have a son or maybe you prefer a
daughter? There are many ways that you can choose the sex of a
baby for your family and make sure you conceive what you want.
Here are some tips to help you.
You need to start with tracking your ovulation. This is very
important because it will help to determine when you should have
intercourse if you want a boy or when you should have intercourse
if you want a girl.
This is very important and is not difficult to do. You can either do it
by taking your temperature or by using ovulation tests that you can
buy at any local drug store.
Second, when it comes to choosing the sex of baby you will have to
understand the differences between female and male sperm.
Female sperm are much heartier and will live much longer than the
male sperm.
They can even live up to 4 times as long. The male sperm, however
are the faster of the swimmers and will always reach the egg first if
they survive that long.
Last, when you want to be the one choosing sex of baby you can
use these two pieces of knowledge to your benefit. If you want to
have a baby boy you will have to go ahead and avoid intercourse a
week before you ovulate, then have intercourse while you are
ovulating a few times.
If you want to have a woman you will have to have intercourse 4
days, 3 days, and 2 days before you ovulate, then avoid intercourse
until after you are done ovulating.
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Choose Sex of Baby - I Bet You Know This!
We have to admit that there are many couples who are indeed
looking for a trusted and easy way to choose sex of baby. In fact,
we should feel lucky and fortunate when we have a healthy and

happy growing baby. However, many parents nowadays have a
certain preference to choose the sex of baby boy or girl.
You are not the only few in this world that are looking for the best
method to choose sex of baby. Indeed, there millions of people who
are like you.
They are all looking for a nature and popular method that will help
them to choose gender of baby. Those natural methods had been
proven by many to improve the chance in choosing sex of baby.
Today, we shall look at two incredible baby gender selection
- Timing Is Important for a Baby Boy or Girl
Yes, we must know the best suitable timing to choose sex of baby
correctly. It is because male's sperms have different characteristics.
Basically, there are two types of sperms - X for the girl & Y for the
boy. X sperms swim slow but they have a stronger life span while Y
sperms swim very fast, but they can die off easily.
Thus, if you choose to have a boy, it is recommended to have sex
intercourse as near to the start of ovulation as possible. However,
to choose sex of a girl, you should catch the correct timing by
lovemaking one or two days before your ovulation starts.
To find out the most accurate timing of your ovulation, it is best to
do an ovulation test by using an ovulation predictor or test kit. You
can also measure your (Woman) temperature every morning before
you gets out of bed. You will know it is time for an ovulation when
your body temperature changes much.
Control Your Diet
Choose sex of baby gender depends on your diet that you are
consuming too! If you are choosing to have the sex of a boy, you
should increase your calories intake. The more energy you take
in will enhance the chance of having a boy. Thus, you should
consume low calorie food during the periods when you are to
prepare to choose sex of baby girl. However, you should also
balance your diet. It is not advisable to replace every meal with a
very low or high calorie food intake - it is not very healthy at all.
You can choose to eat more portions of the selected food like
vegetables and fish for low calorie intake. Where else, you can
take in higher carbohydrate foods to boost your calorie level.
Frankly speaking, there are quite a few natural methods to choose
baby gender. You will have to find out which are the most trusted
ways that are already used by many people.

In fact, you should be able to determine and choose the sex of the
gender if you can apply the correct methods.
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