Choosing a Slip and Fall Injury Lawyer

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Choosing a Slip and Fall Injury Lawyer
If you have been injured in a fall, the owner of the property on which the
accident happened may be liable. In a perfect world, they'd be
compassionate, but too often they will try to shirk their responsibility. The
insurance company is only concerned with its own interests, and will try to
make the settlement as low as possible. This is why you should always seek
the advice of an attorney with experience in personal injury cases. Here are
some tips you should know about choosing the right slip and fall injury
* First, don't be afraid of lawyers. The stereotype of the greedy,
condescending personality just isn't the reality. Especially in personal
injury cases, lawyers really do want to help people not be taken
advantage of. So set your mind at ease about that.
* You are probably wondering how much you'll end up having to pay.
Most slip and fall injury lawyers waive their fee if you don't win a
settlement. You won't be responsible for any retainer or hourly rates.
There may still be some up-front costs, such as filing fees. Your
attorney will go over all of these with you ahead of time.
* When you are looking for a law firm, ask your neighbors, coworkers,
and friends if they have any that they would recommend. It doesn't
have to be a personal injury firm at this point; any lawyer will be able

to give you a referral to someone that can help you. If you have seen a
doctor for your injury, he or she might have a recommendation. You
can also contact your State Bar office.
* The best lawyers are compassionate, respond quickly to your phone
calls, and explain things to you in plain language. If you find, at the
initial consultation, that you don't feel comfortable, don't feel
awkward about not hiring this firm and going somewhere else.
Even if you believe your case is cut and dry, don't make another move
without consulting a slip and fall injury lawyer. That way you'll be sure to
get the maximum amount you deserve.
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