Choosing the Best Candidates for your Website Design - Where You Should Start

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Choosing the Best Candidates for your Website Design - Where You Should Start
Investing in a website for your business is a big deal. After all, when potential customers find your
website online, the look and function of the site is the first impression they'll receive from your
company. A poor quality website design, a site that loads slowly or is impossible to navigate will quickly,
and most definitely, turn people off.
Ensure that the company or individual in charge of your website design are the right people for the job -
consider the following two tips:
1. Verify the Web Designers' Work & Reputation
Any reputable web design team will have a portfolio of work for you to look at. It's a good idea to verify
that the companies the web designers claim to have worked for actually exist - do a quick search online.
Take a minute to look over the website design and surf through the site to see just how user-friendly it
is. Is it compatible with mobile devices, too? In today's world, sites that aren't easily accessed from a
variety of mobile devices get skipped over for those that are.
It's also a good idea to look for testimonials from previous clients. If you can't verify the web designers'
previous work or reputation, keep looking.
2. More than Just Website Design
While the look and function of your site is undoubtedly important, there's more to building an online
presence than just an attractive looking site that's easy to navigate. Web designers that are worth their
weight will also offer graphic design and other online services that could include search engine
optimization, email marketing and/or cloud solutions. Will the web design team you're considering be
able to provide you with the ultimate online solution or will you have to work with several companies to
get the graphic design, marketing and other services you need?
Really, this is just the beginning of what you can and should take into consideration when choosing a
web designer, but it's a great place to start. With a little due diligence, you will find the designer or team
of designers that's capable of providing you with the ultimate online presence for your business.