Choosing the Right Dell Inspiron 1545 Battery for Your Laptop

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Choosing the Right Dell Inspiron 1545 Battery for Your Laptop
It is common for laptop batteries to become faulty especially when they are not
being handled well. In such a situation, you will require to purchase a new battery
for your Dell laptop. The Dell Inspiron 1545 battery may be the best choice for a
dell computer because it is has the following features:
It has a high circuitry
Circuit protection and
Voltage regulator
Taking care of your laptop battery
When you get to the point where you need a new Dell Inspiron 1545 battery, it
is important to know some ways in which you can prevent your new battery from
getting damaged so that it may serve you for a longer time without requiring you
to get a new one since it can be quite expensive. One of the things you need to
ensure is that you store your battery in a cool and dry place, unplug it from the
socket once it is fully charged and do not allow it to stay unused for prolonged
periods of time. If you do these three basic things, the shelf life of your battery will
be enhanced.
New and improved battery
The other battery that has gained a lot of popularity for its performance is the Dell
battery for Inspiron 1545. The battery offers great performance because it is
made up of six cells which keep your laptop running for a while without running
out of charge. It also has 10.8 volts and 48Wh which is another thing that
improves the battery performance. When, you buy this battery ensure you get the
Toshiba adapter for your laptop as well.

Laptop Adapters
It is also a possibility that you may require an adapter for your laptop. When this
happens, you need to be sure that you have chosen the right adapter that will
give you great service and will last for a long time. The Dell Inspiron 1545
adapter is a new and improved adapter that is very compatible with any laptop. It
has an input of AC100-240V and output of DC19.5V 3.34A which gives it a total
of 65V in power.
Generally, it is very important to ensure that the adapter and battery you
purchase match in the amount of voltage they need to function together. This is
another thing that will protect your battery and extend its shelf life as well as
protect your computer from any kind of damage.

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