Christian Dating Books Are An Wonderful Resource

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Christian Dating Books Are An Wonderful Resource
As Christians that are dating in a sex crazed world it can be extremely difficult to remember that you are to act as a child of
God. Simply put that means fornication is considered a sin before God and therefore you are to abstain from sexual
intercourse prior to marriage.
Therefore, reading and studying Christian dating books that will help strengthen and encourage you in your Christian walk
as a couple as you abstain from sexual intercourse. These types of books are a excellent way to open communication and
begin conversation of how you are to behave as a non married Christian couple.
It is critical that once you find some Christian dating books that they are by those that have been sent to teach the word.
It doesn't necessarily mean that they are a pastor. It just means that Jesus is Lord and they do not compromise the word
of God to please their flesh or your flesh. They will tell you like it is whether or not it is what you want to hear.
Once you find a Christian dating book that has the uncompromised word of God take the time to read Christian dating
books both as a couple and individually. It will deepen your relationship first with God and then with each other. It will
also help keep you grounded in the word of God and hear what God has to say about it and not the world
Just as a doctor must continue their education, you must educate yourself on how to be both single and dating. Many
Christian dating books will offer worksheets, journaling, role playing etc. These can be an extremely beneficial to your
Christian relationship.
Even if you are not currently in a relationship, Christian dating books can be a great manner in which to educate yourself
on what to do and what not to do when you do enter into a dating relationship. It can also prove to study these books
throughout the course of your relationship because you will get something different out of them each time.