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Christie Brinkley and Skin Tightening
Christie Brinkley is a famous and award-winning American model and actress. Her modeling
and acting career is marked by notable works and big achievements. She has been undergoing
different skin tightening and skin treatments. What treatments has she had in the past? This
article sheds light on Christie Brinkley’s skin tightening treatments.
Who is Christie Brinkley?
Christine Lee Hudson, professionally known as Christie Brinkley is an American model, actress,
and businesswoman. She was interested in the art in the first place but appeared as a model in the
beginning of her professional career. She has been in the spotlight ever since so she has always
been interested maintain her body’s figure and skin’s glow.
Achievements of Christie Brinkley
She has won a large number of awards during her modeling and acting career. The list below
exhibits some notable achievements;
Humanitarian Award.
Broadway Beacon Award.
Top Picks by Rolling Stone.
Merit Award by Make-A-Wish.
Merit Award by Mothers Voices.
Heart Award by the American Heart.
Smart Cookie Award by Cookie Magazine.
Mother of the Year by The National Mother’s Day.
HBA's Positively Beautiful Award by HBA Global Expo.
America's Mothers and Shakers by Redbook Magazine.
2001 Merit Award by USO-The United Service Organizations Inc.
Mothers Who Make A Difference Award by Love Our Children USA.
Honor by the South Fork Natural History Museum and Nature Center.
2013 Pet Hero Award - Humanitarian of the Year by the Pet Philanthropy Circle.
Christie Brinkley’s Skin Tightening
At the age of 64, her skin looks flawless. Do you know a woman aged 64; how does she look
like? It definitely takes much effort and investment to make your skin flawless at the age of 64.
She has been taking skin tightening treatments in the past. The list of Christie Brinkley’s skin
tightening treatments includes Botox injections and Ultherapy.
At the same time, she is worried about her image. “I wondered if people would think I’m phony
and fake,” Brinkley doubted after taking a series of skin treatments. The best thing is; she never
hides the truth. She always tells her fans the price of her younger skin. “But it’s better, to be
honest, and say; yeah, this is what I do.
However, the icon says taking the first step and trying the treatments, especially Xeomin, was no
easy feat. “I was so afraid to do it. But I still feel like myself. I could still move my eyebrows and
I feel like I have all my same funny faces. It was like a noninvasive pick-me-up. She did not like
the treatments but she underwent these procedures to look what she want herself to be. If you
want to look younger, you can do it easily.
Your Skin Tightening: Yes, Seriously!
Would not you want to look young just like Christie Brinkley? Oh, come on! You do not need to
be a celebrity to consider a skin tightening treatment. May be you are not a TV or Hollywood
personality but you are famous in your own circles. There is no harm in doing well in your own
community. There is no harm in looking younger than your actual age. With laser skin
tightening, it has become quite easy to turn back the clock.