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HR Business Partner Development Program • If you already use the HRBP model, learn ways to improve the effectiveness and relevance of your partnering approach, identify areas of improvement, and implement new ideas and approaches • If you are planning to use the HRBP model, this programme will help you learn key skills, approaches, and success factors for effective business partnering • If you do not plan to introduce the HRBP model in the near future, this programme will impart the skills you need to be a an effective partner without necessarily restructuring your entire HR function. CONTENTS •  Welcome to CHRODA •  Our Approach to Your Development •  Program Modules •  Pre-Program: Getting Started •  Program Delivery •  Post Programme Follow Up •  About Benefits & Instructors •  Contact Us "Welcome to CHRODA   The Centre for Human Resources and Organisational Development in Africa (CHRODA) is a research based support centre for Human Capital development and management. We focus our efforts on conducting research and developing solutions that enable organisations to proactively enhance productivity through sound human capital interventions:   Surveys   Employee Engagement Surveys   HR Service Assessments   HR Development  HR 360° Competency Assessment & Reporting  HR Business Partner Development Program  HR Executives Development Program Our Approach to Your Development   This paradigm shifting program will set you as an HR professional apart by enhancing your existing skill base, equipping you with new and relevant skills, and opening new innovative avenues to tackle existing challenges.   CHRODA’s programmes are built on our sound HR Competency Model, Programme holistically combining the business acumen and human capital • 360 Competency Delivery • Progress & Concept management skills needed for true Assessment Application Follow Up partnership and support. • Key Data Gathering •  1st Learning (3 days) At 6months And 12 •  Work-based Team Months Post  For maximum value, this programme Assignment (4 weeks) Programme would be delivered to your whole HR • 2nd Learning Session department, or selected HR (2 days) professionals with business partnership responsibilities. This approach ensures that we can deliver Pre-programme Post Programme Follow Up learning that is relevant, practical, and applicable to your organisation. Program Modules Organisational •  HR Strategy Effectiveness •  Metrics & Measurement •  Partnering for Talent Resourcing & Talent Acquisition •  Partnering for Performance Management Management •  Partnering for Employee Engagement & Retention HR Business • Internal Consulting Skills •  Change / Transformation Partnership management •  Stakeholder Management •  Conflict Resolution Pre-Program: Getting Started The information gathered at this stage forms the backbone for customising the programme to suit the participants development needs, and your organisations objectives.  Gathering Data   Collation of existing Development data on each participant   HR Strategy – we want to learn what your critical objectives for the future are, and therefore focus the program to equip participants with the skills needed to drive effective HR strategy   360 Competency Assessment  Online deployment  Peer based reviews  Based on our robust HR Competency Model and therefore aligned to the programs core modules   Outcome  Individual Competency Report– including a customised development plan  Group Competency Report – shows the overall competency strengths and development areas for the group Program Delivery   Wherever you are in Africa, this program is Start: 1st Learning Session (3 Days) delivered in house. Your assigned program instructor Interactive session delivered face In depth Learning of Program Participants coached through HRBP to face by Program Instructor Modules Toolkit will travel to you and deliver face to face learning sessions   Online learning Work Based Team Assignment support is available throughout the duration of this Identify an existing challenge the Participants complete assignment Assignment period 4-weeks; online team currently faces;Select a an using Toolkit, learning imparted, learning support available program initiative from HR strategy and self direction throughout the assignment period.   All diagnostic and assessment tools are deployed online, making it convenient, 2nd Learning Session (2 Days) & Close and quick. Review of assignment Recap of the learning modules Closing the gap Post Programme Follow Up   At 6 months and 12 months, we follow up with each participant on concept and learning application   Participants can re-take the Competency Assessments to measure learning   Our programs are designed be holistic, empowering and applicable. Conducing follow ups helps us gather critical information for program improvement and development. Benefits Program Instructors  Business Partners that have increased   A team of well rounded, experienced their capability and confidence to instructors bring a wealth of managing human capital and influence knowledge to this program: those around them, thereby driving higher levels of performance from their  Local, regional and international direct reports and colleagues - creating a multi industry experience crucial multiplier effect.  Hands on experience with human capital management experience  More effective Business Partners who at executive level understand the bigger picture and take a long term view of the business and  Practical proven background in all human capital Business Partners who the areas of talent management, can lead with a more integrated view of hr business partnership, hr how human capital management and strategy and leadership business acumen combine for optimal performance at the level of line  Combination of mainstream HR, management and advisory expertise More Information   If you would like to learn more about about how your organisation can benefit from this exciting program please contact us.  Visit our website for more information on our services  Join our HR Nexus Network for Forums, Discussions, Free Advice, and Networking with peers across Africa.   Susan Maya Program Coordinator [email protected] Botswana Tel: +267-317 0715