Chrome 11 Now Available for Download by batteryfast

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Chrome 11 Now Available for Download by batteryfast
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Dated: Apr 29, 2011
Google has released a stable version of Chrome 11.
Google has released a stable version of Chrome 11.

The new version, released Wednesday, brings bug fixes as well as some fascinating translation and
speech-to-text features, GPU-accelerated 3D CSS and a simplified new icon.

Users can download Chrome 11 at the official Chrome page.

With the speech-to-text support, users will be able to click an icon and speak into the computer’s
microphone, and Chrome 11 will transcribe the speech into text. Developers can add this feature to their
website or web app.

This magic is made possible by the HTML5 speech input API, which you can also see in action at Another nerdy implementation of the same feature can be seen in this Captain Kirk

Google Translate in Chrome 11 takes great advantage of the API, giving users the ability to translate
spoken words into another language; users can both read and listen to translated speech.

As far as bug-squashing goes, Google shelled out a record $16,500 to individual developers who pitched in
on taking the release from a beta to a stable version. The company paid between $500 and $3,000 for
patching such vulnerabilities as corrupt node trees with mutation events and dangling pointers.

Google also gave special thanks to Apple Product Security team members miaubiz, kuzzcc, S?awomir
B?a?ek, Drew Yao and Braden Thomas who helped take the browser to a less buggy stable release.
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