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If you are concerned about facial ageing but are scared about taking the step to a surgical facelift there
is an alternative non-surgical procedure that can address a sagging jawline and drooping cheeks- the
Cinderella Face Life, so called because it can give you a significant improvement but lasts from 18
months to two years.
What Is The Procedure?
Cinderella lift in London involves lifting the
jowls using dissolvable sutures, adding
volume and lifting the cheeks with fillers
and easing out brow lines and crows feet
with muscle relaxing injections. The sutures
also stimulate collagen which can help
improve the quality of the skin. At your
consultation your particular requirements
and outcomes and suitability will be
How Long Does The Procedure Take? Around an hour.
Is It Painful? Local anaesthetic is used to make the procedure more comfortable.
Downtime? Bruising and swelling can occur, so allow 2-5 days to settle. If you bruise it can be covered
by mineral makeup.
About Skin Clinic: The Harley Street Skin
Clinic was established in 2004 on the world's
most famous medical street, offering a wide
range of safe, effective and proven treatments,
reaching the highest levels of patient care and
delivering outstanding results. We specialise in
surgical, non-surgical and minimally invasive
techniques in facial rejuvenation as well as top to
toe body sculpting and skin tightening
procedures, breast enhancement and facelifts for men and women using the very latest technologies.
Our highly skilled practitioners also administer such as Botox and injectable dermal fillers while our skin
experts deliver the most up to date hi tech facial treatments from improving skin texture to tackling the
signs of ageing.
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