Cisco 2921 Router and Greater Usability

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All-in-one Cisco 2921 Router and Greater

The Cisco Integrated Services Routers Gen 2 such as ISR G2 delivers a robust stage
for providing WAN services, security, integrated communications, and appservices to
division offices. These podiums are intended to support current WAN access ckts and
propose the performance required for the changeover to Ethernet-founded access

Cisco 2921 Sequence Integrated Services Routers construct on twenty fivecenturies
of Cisco product and innovation leadership. The new stages are architected to allow
the next stage of division-office development, provided that rich media virtualization
and collaboration to the division while maximizing working cost savings. The ISR
Generation 2 stages are future-allowed with multi core CPUs, sustenance for high
volume Digital Signal Processors for future improved video abilities, high power-
driven service components with enhancedobtainability, Gigabit Ethernet substituting
with improved POE, and new energy observing and control abilities while improving
overall scheme performance.

The Cisco 2921/K9 series propose unparalleled entire cost of possession savings and
net agility over the intelligent incorporation of market foremost security,
unitedinfrastructures, application, and wireless services.

Furthermore, a novel Cisco IOS(Software Universal double and Facilities Ready
Engine element enable you to decouple the placement of software and hardware,
providing a flexible technology foundation which can quickly adapt to evolving
systemneeds. Overall, the Cisco 2921Series offer supreme total cost of possession
savings and network liveliness through the intellectualaddition of leading security,
market wireless, unified communications and app services.

The Cisco 2921 series ISRs propose embedded hardware encryption hastening,
voice and video proficient digital signal processor slots, possible firewall, interruption
prevention, voicemail, call processing and apps services. In accumulation, the
podiums support the businesses widest variety of wireless and wired connectivity
choices such as xDSL, copper, T1/E1 and fiber GE.

Cisco 2900 builds on the best offering four stages: Cisco 2911, 2921, Cisco
2921/K9,2901 and 2951 ISR.

The stages are architected to allow the next stage of branch-office development,
provided that rich media virtualization and teamworkto the division while
exploitingactive cost savings. The ISR generation 2 podiums are future-allowed with
multi-core microchips, support for great capacity DSPs for future improved video
competences, high powered facility modules with enhanced availability, Gigabit
Ethernet swappingwith improved POE, and vitality monitoring and regulator
capabilities while ornamentalgeneral system presentation. General, the Cisco 2900
sequence offer supreme total cost of possession savings and net agility through the
bright integration of market foremostsafety, wireless, unified communications, and

The Cisco 2900 ISR offers entrenched hardware encryption hurrying, voice- and
video-accomplishedDSPslots, call processing, voicemail, intrusion prevention,
application services.

The most widespread Cisco ISRs is made of the 800, 1900, 1800, 2800, 3800, 2900,
3900 and 7200 series. The Cisco 2921series is intended for small to average business
initiatives and offers video and voice capable DSP spaces, hardware encryption
hastening, firewall service, intrusion prevention, WAN connectivity of up to 75Mbps,
WAN optimization, voice mail, call processing and numerous application facilities. The
Cisco 2921 series also delivers high performance by powerful multicore computers
and cares a wide diversity of wired and wireless connectivity options.