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Question: 1
Before installing a new, upgraded version of the IOS, what should be checked on the router,
and which command should be used to gather this information? (Choose two.)
A. the amount of available ROM
B. the amount of available flash and RAM memory
C. the version of the bootstrap software present on the router
D. show version
E. show processes
F. show running-config
Answer: B,D
Question: 2
Which two locations can be configured as a source for the IOS image in the boot system
command? (Choose two.)
C. flash memory
D. HTTP server
E. TFTP server
F. Telnet server
Answer: C,E
Question: 3
Refer to the exhibit. Given the output shown from this Cisco Catalyst 2950, what is the most
likely reason that interface FastEthernet 0/10 is not the root port for VLAN 2?
A. This switch has more than one interface connected to the root network segment in VLAN 2.
B. This switch is running RSTP while the elected designated switch is running 802.1d
Spanning Tree.
C. This switch interface has a higher path cost to the root bridge than another in the topology.
D. This switch has a lower bridge ID for VLAN 2 than the elected designated switch.

Answer: C
Question: 4
Refer to the exhibit. Each of these four switches has been configured with a hostname, as
well as being configured to run RSTP. No other configuration changes have been made.
Which three of these show the correct RSTP port roles for the indicated switches and
interfaces? (Choose three.)
A. SwitchA, Fa0/2, designated
B. SwitchA, Fa0/1, root
C. SwitchB, Gi0/2, root
D. SwitchB, Gi0/1, designated
E. SwitchC, Fa0/2, root
F. SwitchD, Gi0/2, root
Answer: A,B,F
Question: 5
Which of the following correctly describe steps in the OSI data encapsulation process?
(Choose two.)
A. The transport layer divides a data stream into segments and may add reliability and flow
control information.
B. The data link layer adds physical source and destination addresses and an FCS to the
C. Packets are created when the network layer encapsulates a frame with source and
destination host addresses and protocol-related control information.

D. Packets are created when the network layer adds Layer 3 addresses and control
information to a segment.
E. The presentation layer translates bits into voltages for transmission across the physical link.
Answer: A,D
Question: 6
What is the first 24 bits in a MAC address called?
Answer: C
Question: 7
Which two tasks does the Dynamic Host Configuration Protocol perform? (Choose two.)
A. Set the IP gateway to be used by the network.
B. Perform host discovery used DHCPDISCOVER message.
C. Configure IP address parameters from DHCP server to a host.
D. Provide an easy management of layer 3 devices.
E. Monitor IP performance using the DHCP server.
F. Assign and renew IP address from the default pool.
Answer: C,F
Question: 8
Which command shows system hardware and software version information?
A. show configuration
B. show environment
C. show inventory
D. show platform
E. show version
Answer: E
Question: 9
Refer to the exhibit. Addresses within the range are not being translated to the range. Which command shows if are allowed inside addresses?

A. debug ip nat
B. show access-list
C. show ip nat translation
D. show ip nat statistics
Answer: B
Question: 10
Which command shows if an access list is assigned to an interface?
A. show ip interface [interface] access-lists
B. show ip access-lists interface [interface]
C. show ip interface [interface]
D. show ip access-lists [interface]
Answer: C
Question: 11
Refer to the exhibit. If number 2 is selected from the setup script, what happens when the user
runs setup from a privileged prompt?
A. Setup is additive and any changes will be added to the config script.
B. Setup effectively starts the configuration over as if the router was booted for the first time.
C. Setup will not run if an enable secret password exists on the router.
D. Setup will not run, because it is only viable when no configuration exists on the router.
Answer: A
Question: 12

Refer to the exhibit. Which (config-router) command will allow the network represented on the
interface to be advertised by RIP?
A. redistribute ethernet0
B. network ethernet0
C. redistribute
D. network
Answer: D
Question: 13
What are three advantages of VLANs? (Choose three.)
A. VLANs establish broadcast domains in switched networks.
B. VLANs utilize packet filtering to enhance network security.
C. VLANs provide a method of conserving IP addresses in large networks.
D. VLANs provide a low-latency internetworking alternative to routed networks.
E. VLANs allow access to network services based on department, not physical location.
F. VLANs can greatly simplify adding, moving, or changing hosts on the network.
Answer: A,E,F
Question: 14
Refer to the exhibit. What information can be gathered from the output?

A. One router is running RIPv1.
B. RIP neighbor is
C. The network contains a loop.
D. Network is reachable.
Answer: D
Question: 15
Refer to the exhibit. What type of connection would be supported by the cable diagram shown?
A. PC to router
B. PC to switch
C. server to router
D. router to router
Answer: B
Question: 16
Which of the following statements are true regarding bridges and switches? (Choose 3.)
A. Switches are primarily software based while bridges are hardware based.
B. Both bridges and switches forward Layer 2 broadcasts.
C. Bridges are frequently faster than switches.
D. Switches have a higher number of ports than most bridges.

E. Bridges define broadcast domains while switches define collision domains.
F. Both bridges and switches make forwarding decisions based on Layer 2 addresses.
Answer: B,D,F
Question: 17
Which of the following describe the process identifier that is used to run OSPF on a router?
(Choose two.)
A. It is locally significant.
B. It is globally significant.
C. It is needed to identify a unique instance of an OSPF database.
D. It is an optional parameter required only if multiple OSPF processes are running on the
E. All routers in the same OSPF area must have the same process ID if they are to exchange
routing information.
Answer: A,C
Question: 18
Which routing protocols will support the following IP addressing scheme? (Choose three.)
Network 1 - /26
Network 2 - /27
Network 3 - /27
Network 4 - /30
Network 5 - /30
A. RIP version 1
B. RIP version 2
Answer: B,D,E
Question: 19
The show interfaces serial 0/0 command resulted in the output shown in the graphic. What are
possible causes for this interface status? (Choose three.)

A. The interface is shut down.
B. No keepalive messages are received.
C. The clock-rate is not set.
D. No loopback address is set.
E. No cable is attached to the interface.
F. There is a mismatch in the encapsulation type.
Answer: B,C,F
Question: 20
Refer to the exhibit. Which destination addresses will Host A use to send data to Host B?
(Choose two.)
A. the IP address of Switch1
B. the IP address of Router1 Fa0/0
C. the IP address of HostB
D. the MAC address of Switch1
E. the MAC address of Router1 Fa0/0
F. the MAC address of HostB
Answer: C,E
Question: 21
What are the possible trunking modes for a switch port? (Choose three.)

A. transparent
B. auto
C. on
D. desirable
E. client
F. forwarding
Answer: B,C,D
Question: 22
A Catalyst 2950 needs to be reconfigured. What steps will ensure that the old configuration is
erased? (Choose three.)
A. Erase flash.
B. Restart the switch.
C. Delete the VLAN database.
D. Erase the running configuration.
E. Erase the startup configuration.
F. Modify the configuration register.
Answer: B,C,E
Question: 23
Refer to the exhibit. The two connected ports on the switch are not turning orange or green.
What would be the most effective steps to troubleshoot this physical layer problem? (Choose
A. Ensure that the Ethernet encapsulations match on the interconnected router and switch

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