Civil Services

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Civil Services
ias retained castle Worldwide, Inc. to conduct a global role delineation study. CASTLE
is a professional testing company in Research Triangle Park, North Carolina, USA that
specializes in the development and administration of civil services and certification
examination. castle Worldwide, Inc. was also contracted to conduct the previous study,
published by PMI in 2000. Since that time, the role of individuals pursuing the PMP has
evolved in the marketplace, from that of managing deliverables across the five Project
Management Process Groups, as defined in the PMBOK(R) Guide, to that of leading and
directing project tasks. Based on these findings, the PMP credential requirements have
been revised accordingly. Please see the ``PMP Certification Handbook pdf for
additional information on the application requirements. This electronic file is available
through the ``PMP Handbook'' quick link under ``Certifications'' on ias Web site.
Third Edition naturally overlap, it is important to note that the individuals involved in the
study described above were not bound by the PMBOK Guide--Third Edition. They were
charged with defining the role of individuals leading and directing project tasks, and
using their experience and pertinent resources to help in this activity. Therefore,
although many of the performance domains' tasks, knowledge and skills outlined by
the ias Specification are also covered by the PMBOK Guide. About upsc exam is the
performance domain entitled ``Professional and Social Responsibility'' in the ias
examination, which covers such aspects of the profession as legal, ethical, and
professional behavior. The PMBOK Guide--Third Edition does not explicitly address
these issues, since this performance domain content relates to the individual, and the
PMBOK Guide--Third Edition relates to project management processes for a single
Candidates studying for the examination will certainly want to include
the PMBOK Guide-- Third Edition as one of their study references, and would be well
advised to read other contemporary resources on risk, scheduling, EVM, estimating,
and other project management topics.
A Guide to the Project Management Body of Knowledge Third Edition is recognized as
the de facto global standard by the project management community. As a standard, it
identifies and describes project management knowledge or practices that are applicable
to projects. The PMBOK(R) Guide--Third Edition is the recognized reference source for
anyone interested in the project management profession, and should be used to gain an
understanding of project management knowledge that is needed to perform the Tasks
described in the ias Examination Specification.