Classification Of Lipids

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Yapa Wijeratne Classification of lipids 1) Simple lipids i) Triacylglycerol-TAG –neutral fat ii) Waxes 2) Compound lipids i) Phospholipids (a) N containing glycerophosphatides 1. Lecithin-Phosphatidyl choline 2. Cephalin- Phosphatidyl ethanolamine 3. Phosphatidyl serine (b) Non-N containing glycerophosphatides 1. Phosphatidyl inositol 2. Phosphatidyl glycerol 3. Diphosphatidyl inositol- Cardiolipin (c) Plasmalogens containing Long Chain Alcohols 1. Choline plasmalogens 2. Ethanolamine plasmalogens (d) Phospho sphingosides containing sphingosine 1. Sphingomyelin-brain & nerve tissue(neuron) ii) Non-phosphorylated lipids (a) Glycosphingolipids(Glycolipids)-Fatty acids, sphingosine, carbohydrates 1. Cerebrosides-Ceremide monohexosides 2. Gangliosides-having N-acetyl neuraminic acid (b) Sulpholipids 1. Sulphated Cerebrosides 2. Sulphated Gangliosides iii) Derived lipids-Fatty acids, steroids, prostaglandins iv) Lipids complexed to other compounds- Lipoproteins M/07/189