Clearwater Fishing Charters

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Clearwater is a perfect example of Florida West Coast’s
angling potential. It is not only ripe with prolific fishing grounds
of virtually any variety but its endless grass flats and
backcountry waterways also play host to many of the state’s
most sought-after game fish.
Clearwater Fishing
Clearwater Fishing
Clearwater Deep Sea
Clearwater Charter
Fishing In Clearwater
Aboard Clearwater charter boats, you can venture
further into the Gulf Waters or fish inshore where
you will be greeted by inquiring sounds of the
manatees, porpoises, herons, pelicans, ospreys
and many other sea creatures.
There are many ch arter boats that ply the Clearwater area.
Aboard these vessels, you will soon discover why they refer to
the Tampa Bay area of Florida as the Grouper f ishing spot
capital of the world. This is because fish species such as
jacks, grouper and sn apper are always found here throughout
the year. Deep sea fishing is common particularly during the
summer and autumn months, when the best fishing spots
become fill up with King and Spanish Mackerel, Tuna, Cobia,
Barracuda, Sailfish and Mahi Mahi. Sharks and Cobia are
known to be lurking somewhat distant from the coastline, but
breaches are uncommon.