Cloud Based Networking

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Meraki - Cloud-Based Networking
How Meraki's technology represents the future of Cloud Managed Networks

As the world becomes more and more dependent on the Internet, there is a growing need for
businesses to remain connected. With the sheer number of users going mobile, administration has
become a nightmare for these companies as they manage their own growing networks. From the costs
of in house servers, to the hiring of staff and training, to configuring these complex networks all take a
substantial amount of time, effort and capital.

On the bright side, with Meraki the management and administration of user-level access doesn't have to
be complicated. Meraki provides a distributed network on the cloud that is more manageable, scalable
and cost-effective than ever before. With minimal hardware on site and administration of end-users
from a centralized location via a web browser, Meraki provides a viable solution whether you are a SMB
or a large enterprise corporation.

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Meraki Cloud Network

Meraki: Cloud-Based Networking

With the use of Meraki's technology and wide product offerings, many companies can avoid the
headaches that go into setting up and running an internal network for a number of reasons. For one
thing, your network will no longer be dependent on the traditional methods of housing large server
boxes to keep up with a growing user-base and bandwidth demands. With a Meraki cloud managed
networking solution, your users will be accessing the Internet while administration and user
management happens all in one place. Data can be retrieved and accessed by anyone that is granted
rights to the network. With Meraki's intuitive dashboard, network visibility becomes increasingly clear as
monitoring all happens from your browser.

Businesses will no longer have to worry about the latest firmware or security updates as all this is taken
care for you. Using the Cloud in this ingenious way saves a tremendous amount of time and effort. With
data centers throughout the world, Meraki has positioned itself to offer distributed enterprise networks
on the cloud to work seamlessly with their products. These are just a few of the many reasons why
many enterprises across the country are switching to Meraki as their preferred cloud managed
networking solution.

Meraki Systems Manager

Systems Manager enables you to configure, monitor, and support the devices in your
organization. 100% cloud based, Systems Manager eliminates costly, complex management
appliances and software.

About Meraki
Founded by MIT professionals in March of 2006, Meraki was formed to provide cloud managed
networking solutions to enterprise networks. They provide a family of networking products including
wireless LANs, routers, Ethernet switches, and security appliances. With established data centers around
the world, Meraki provides cloud managed networks that simply work.

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