Coastal Custom Wine Cellars Creates a Wine Cellar that Provides Wines the Best Home and Protection They Deserve

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Coastal Custom Wine Cellars Creates a Wine Cellar that Provides Wines the
Best Home and Protection They Deserve

(1888PressRelease) Coastal Custom Wine Cellars proudly announces its most recent creation, a
custom wine cellar in Los Angeles, California. Coastal provided the client with wine storage
solutions that can accommodate his large collection of 3,816 bottles and maximized the storage
space by taking advantage of the tall walls.

Los Angeles-Long Beach, CA (1888PressRelease) Coastal Custom Wine Cellars recently
created a beautiful wine cellar in Los Angeles, CA for a client who has a large collection of
nearly 4,000 wine bottles. Coastal was able to create an impressive wine cellar design based on
the client's wine storage requirements and available space.

The wine racking system accommodates split bottles, standard and large format 750 mL bottles,
large format Champagne bottles and 1.5 L Magnum bottles. To maximize the space of the wine
room which has ten feet high ceilings we used an 8-foot library style rolling ladder to give him
easy access to his wines stored above 8 feet.

All wine racks are made from Heart Redwood which is famous for its natural beauty and
excellent performance. It produces attractive reddish brown tones overtime and has the highest
resistance to moisture of all North American woods. Each corner of the room has a true-radius
curved corner wine rack for smooth transition from one wall to another. The focal point and the
most attractive part of this wine cellar is the waterfall cascade wine rack with tabletop located at
the center towards the entry.

The refrigeration system used to maintain the ideal climate condition is the ductless or split
cooling system concealed with a grill box and a louvered vent cover. The grill box is made from
Heart Redwood like the wine racks, and therefore matches the look or theme of the wine cellar.
More durable compared to other cooling systems, this unit is also designed for elegance and easy
installation. It is also quiet, unobtrusive and requires less maintenance.

A splendid wine cellar deserves a stunning door. The wine cellar door in Los Angeles California
is an arched door with arched glass sidelights and transom. It was built with wrought iron grills
on a dual-paned glass.

Coastal brought this custom wine cellar in Los Angeles California to completion by proper
planning, timing and management. With these considerations, a wine cellar was created to give
our client's wines the best home and protection that they deserve.

About the Company:

Coastal Custom Wine Cellars is the leading manufacturer in the wine cellar industry specializing
in creating unique custom wine cellars for both small and large collections. They deliver
exceptional service to all their customers for them to fully enjoy their wine collection. They also
construct wine racks, wine cellar doors and wine flooring and install wine cooling systems
professionally in Los Angeles, Santa Barbara, Orange County and various cities throughout
California and the United States.
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