Color Paneling Hot And Trendy Tips For Girls

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Color Paneling Hot And Trendy Tips For Girls

Girls are getting more and more adventurous with their hair color. Many fashionistas have been
experimenting with different hair coloring techniques such as ombre, dip-dye, and peek-a-boo
styles. Another technique that has become increasingly popular is color paneling. Color paneling
is when hair is split up into large sections and dyed in bold blocks of color.

Color panels open you up to a whole new range of styles and looks. When you play with your hair
and try different parts the panels will break up and look very different in each and every style
which is perfect for a girl that likes to keep things new and exciting. There are a couple of
drawbacks to panel coloring and some things you want to keep in mind to maintain the panels of
color. Here are some tips on how to keep your color panels fresh:

Try to keep a portion of hair your natural color. If you are dying both sections of hair different
colors then you are risking the colors spreading into the wrong section especially if a portion of
your hair is bleached. You can do panel coloring at home but your best bet will be visiting a salon.
If part of your hair is bleached be very careful when applying color and make sure you keep
panels separated. Make sure you keep your roots touched up and your ends trimmed.

Your color and style will look much fresher if you maintain your growth. This is especially
important for girls who are wearing a section of their hair blonde. If you are using bright colors,
especially red, you will want to make sure you keep color at home to touch up your hair if it fades.
Use color protecting shampoo and conditioner to help reduce the fading of color.

Know how much time and money you can devote to keeping up your panel coloring. If you can't
afford to touch up your color every couple of weeks you may want to consider keeping the entire
top panel of hair your natural color and dying the bottom panel a different color. This way growth
will not be as noticeable. If you create a panel on the top of your head you will really need to be
ready to keep freshening up the color. Also, remember to pick a hairstyle and cut that flatters your
new color. Side swept bangs or layers will really help the color show through and look amazing
with panels of color.

Author: Carol Sangen