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Aqua Properties Acclaimed As Excellent One Stop Real Estate Company In Dubai
Today as Dubai is fast emerging as a futurist, smart, sustainable city and a preferred place to live, work
and visit, Aqua Properties a Property Investment and Services Company in Dubai, UAE specializes in
selling and leasing residential, commercial and retail properties to its clients. As real estate agents in
Dubai Aqua Properties significantly seeks to differ from its competitors of being just a brokerage house.
The team strives to offer in depth research facilities, create real estate strategies, translate them into
concept design and brand development to market projects. In this way Aqua Properties exceeds the
expectation of their customers and functions as one stop real estate solution.
Working with a vision to be the leader in the real estate market, Aqua Properties is a popular real estate
company in Dubai for delivering excellent customer service through their reliable and exceptional
certified team.
The Mission statement at Aqua Properties says, "Our mission is to be a regulated property organization
in the emerging real estate industry of Dubai. Our focus is to be the best breed in customer service,
having absolute market knowledge and staying ahead of trends by offering property solutions that are
simple yet effective to our investors and end users alike and by encouraging innovation in all areas of
One of the many happy customers Bessima says, "As I am starting my third year in the flat, I can say I
have always been very happy with the responsiveness by Aquaproperty and Farida in particular. Great
Located at Suite 1601, Boulevard Plaza 1, Downtown Burj Dubai the Aqua Properties is a team of real
estate brokers in Dubai, helmed at top by Ali Tumbi, Chief Executive Officer. He brings with him
extensive knowledge about local property market and development business in the region.
About Aqua Properties:
Founded in the year 2004, Aqua Properties is a property investment and services company operating in
Dubai, United Arab Emirates. The company specializes in selling and leasing residential commercial and
retail properties. They are essentially a brokerage firm providing extensive services. Their core strength
lies in expert knowledge of the property market and their ability to maintain excellent relationships with
clients and investors worldwide.